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By BlueExorcistDemon Watch. While the group is being punished, Konekomaru asks why Rin is being let out on a mission, saying that he is dangerous. Yukio is then called to a situation in the city. This may be as a result of his Demonic heritage even though he didn't acquire Satan's flames like Rin. When they get the Kraken to appear, Rin goes to a boat and starts the engine on it. He has two bumps on his forehead, alluding to growing horns. She momentarily forgets to cover her breasts and accidentally flashes Yukio as she orders the others to get into a position to eradicate the Kraken. Shiro was their father, so why did it matter? Mephisto vanishes the clock with Amaimon and subdues Rin by sheathing Kurikara. His name means phosphorus in kanji which comes from the Greek meaning "light bearer." Although he and Rin get along, for the most part, Yukio is usually quite standoffish and aloof towards his brother, finding him annoying and not liking when he doesn't think things through. However, when his friends found out about his demon heritage, they become afraid of him, thinking that he is unstable which could lead to a catastrophic disaster, but they slowly grew close to him and accepted him during the Kyoto Arc. From seven-years-old, he was trained to become an Exorcist by one of the most powerful Exorcists in the World, Shiro Fujimoto, who held the position of Paladin, the Highest-Rank that an Exorcist can achieve. Yukio Okumura. The amount of fire that Yukio is releasing is larger than ever before. In the next day, Shiemi tells Rin that Yukio declined, surprising him. He then tells Yukio that everyone has weakness in their hearts, questioning if Yukio would ever succumb to his weakness and become possessed. On both occasions, Amaimon couldn't use his full powers and he later received assistance from the sworn foe of the Impure King, Ucchusma. He then asks Rin about what she said. [31][32], Spectral Awareness: Though this ability was suppressed due to Kurikara's sealing, once Rin's powers were completely unleashed, he gained the natural ability to see demons because of his half-breed status.[33]. He temporarily loses control, but regains himself, telling the others that he was glad that they were alright. Rin was surprised to see Yukio was the year's freshmen representative but was glad to see his younger brother fulfilling his dream of becoming a doctor. Rin goes after her and Ryuji, Renzo, and Konekomaru follow with flares. Rin's flames are increasing and consuming him as Rin becomes more violent and beast-like. Rin is put in a prison where Shura gives him a letter from Suguro's father. He is also very protective of Yukio and aims to surpass him one day. He then runs away after she asks if he is thinking anything bad, leaving her confused. Despite his usual hot-blooded and obstinate attitude, Rin is often shown to be more sensitive than he lets on, which is shown when he is stuck in Mephisto's mechanical prison in the Kyoto arc when Shiemi tries to rescue him and he denies her, openly crying, afraid of himself. At this point, Rin reconciles with Konekomaru and the others. Yukio and the exwires try to figure out why Shiemi doesn't want to be an exorcist. Rin asks Yukio if he is hiding anything to which Yukio says it's nothing. Kuro gets them as close to the Impure King as possible and they land on a rock so that Ryuji Suguro can put up a fiery shield that manages to contain the Impure King and keep the poison contained for the time being. [30], Telepathy: Rin has shown the ability to exercise telepathy, but only in instances where the one he is talking to is a higher class demon who is not capable of speaking human language, as is the case with Kuro and Ukobach. Suddenly, the rock Demon on him flies off and lands on Shiemi, pinning her to the floor. This provokes Amaimon by hitting Renzo and breaking Konekomaru's arm. As he remembered his memories with Shiro, Rin drew out Kurikara, which returned his Demonic powers, and destroyed the Gehenna Gate, leaving Rin and Shiro to remain in Assiah. Yukio himself is preoccupied with concern over his eye. Angered by his actions, Rin unsheathed Kurikara and slew the Naberius with his flames, causing Igor to flee from the scene. When Yukio got back home, he was surprised to find the church totally destroyed and the deceased Fujimoto laying on the ground. He is also shown to have a soft spot for animals. He was also seen wearing a white jacket with big pockets and various decorations on it and a pair of black fingerless gloves. Rin asks Yukio if he wants him to scrub his back and Yukio quickly tells him no thank you. Mephisto then firmly tells him not to argue and that it is an order. Miwa then starts pointing out everyone's faults and tells Rin that if he does everything, the rest of them will not be able to fight without Rin. Saburota Todo, an upper second class Exorcist in charge, tells the trio that a miasma (Demon poison) is spreading from the scene, infecting civilians with fatal boils. After the battle, Shiemi was able to use her legs again and reconcile with her mother. In the anime, he has also been seen using a shotgun. He takes Izumo and they are picked up by a helicopter that takes them back to the Illuminati base. Meanwhile, Rin grabs Ryuji and asks him why he got in the way, saying that he had everything under control and that he should have faith in his abilities. Meanwhile, Mephisto watches. Rin couldn't directly attack the Dekalp since it was using Shiemi as a shield, but Yukio shot a nutrient capsule bullet, letting Rin kill the Demon when it was separated from Shiemi. When he confronted Shiemi about it, Shiemi dismissed that notion, exclaiming that she was helping a friend. When he asks him if it's a date, Yukio answers ambiguously. The flames do not burn away anything BUT the Impure King, and everything on the mountain is purified of the sickness. The next day, the Exwires take on two of the mysteries. Yukio then asks her if they have a room for two, to which she replies that they have plenty of open rooms. As the fight continues things start to look really bad as the sporangium finally erupts and the Impure King finally shows his true form. Ao no Exorcist Manga: Chapter 1, Pages 65-66, Ao no Exorcist Manga: Chapter 7, Pages 37-38, Ao no Exorcist Manga: Chapter 14, Pages 35-36. Aside from his medical skills, he is competent enough to each others, considering the qualified teachers of basic Anti-Demon Pharmacology at fifteen-years-old and the youngest in the Order to do so.[14]. His first test is to light the wicks of two candles simultaneously while not lighting the candle between them. However, his lack of stamina and experience in summoning Demons makes it difficult to maintain the summon for long periods of time. It appears that Shiro escaped or was let free of the Illuminati lab in early adulthood or his late teenage years, via the photo in the file that has his information.). He cups Yukio's face in his hands and put his face close to Yukio's and tells him he wants to have Yukio on his side. Yukio's weapons of choice are dual handguns that may have been modified for rapid-fire. The eyes belong to the Impure King, a Demon who released diseases and epidemics in the Ansei Era (1854-1860), as well as caused the deaths of around 40,000 people. View, comment, download and edit rin okumura Minecraft skins. Rin then immediately asks about the "dangerous training" Mephisto spoke about. He then tells the group that he will use his remaining life to hold back the miasma should it be released. Next morning, Izumo came to Rin to give back his shirt and threatened him not to tell anyone for seeing her crying, as well as thanking him for saving her. While the Exwires venture into the forest, Yukio stays at camp with Shura. They don't know their actual birthday), so the ExWires throw a party in celebration. Rin answered that he was very cool. Upon entering the inn, Rin says it is creepy while Yukio calls out to see if anyone is there. 16 (current age as of 2020 25) Gender. He then spots an inn that has some lights on. A few days after Shiemi's enrollment, Yukio handed out their test results. Shura is forced to render him unconscious with an imprisonment spell. Rin is surprised by Yukio's statement and say the Shiemi has said she admires him and would never say she hated him. Egyn is a Demon King and character in the Blue Exorcist fanfiction, "Black Heaven". He thought he was weak and wanted to become stronger, then Father Fujimoto approached him and asked him if he wanted to become an Exorcist and help protect others. Rin tries to take the child outside the area but accidentally burns him when he tries to block one of Saburota's attacks. Initially growing up unaware of his heritage, he and his brother Yukio were cared for by Father Shirou Fujimoto. On exiting the camp Yukio is attacked by a swarm of moth Demons and surprised at how many and how aggressive they are. After Yukio treated Rin's wounds, Yukio asked him if he would be alright without him around since he was going to move from the church. Yukio said that he would need to keep watch over Rin, much to Rin's dismay. Mentally shocked from hearing Rin's accusation and hitting him, Shiro suddenly got possessed by Satan who came to drag Rin to Gehenna. Stop encouraging him!" Although he generally hides it, Rin loved his adopted father a great deal and has nothing but good things to say about him. While both Yukio and Rin are in their first year at True Cross Academy, Yukio is already an instructor at the Exorcist cram school who teaches Anti-Demon Pharmacology to Rin's class. Yukio can shoot his targets with impressive accuracy, all the while maintaining a calm and even disposition. Mephisto summons Rin and Yukio to investigate the whereabouts of Shura Kirigakure. Yukio argued but Rin was already running at the group, his sword blocked by Shima's staff which Bon held. Rin asked, shocked. Designated as "Child M" before his birth, as soon as Rin shot from his mother covered in blue flames in the midst of the exorcism ceremony causing the cradle barrier to be dispelled. Yukio was surprised that Rin saw the Demons. Yukio then asked Rin how their father's final moments were. Yukio assigns them a solo mission to go after three lanterns in three days but warns that Demons will come out at night. Flame Resistance: Because Yukio shared the same womb as Rin, Lucifer stated he has an unnatural resistance to red, black, and blue flames to the point where he didn't suffer from the slightest burns after he was covered in red and black flames. He was also born in the winter. [22] Kurikara did, in fact, break, because of Satan, who was talking through Yukio,[23] regaining his demonic heart and true heart albeit almost died, with his heart now exposed. After Shiemi had her Greenman familiar, Nii-chan, provide a tree barricade to prevent the Naberius from getting closer, Rin volunteered to lure the Demon away from his classmates while they make a run for it. Shima then mentions the school festival to which neither Rin or Miwa know anything about. After Kyoto is saved, the ExWires take a detour to the beach to deal with a Kraken that has taken a liking to the shore. However, they have absolutely no luck with getting dates, even when they remember about Paku. Interrupted from a match with Shura. Rin and Ryuji Suguro climb onto Kuro to get a ride. Rin hears Shiemi scream and goes after her, finding her injured due to the earlier attack from the large insect. A signal flare is sent up shortly after and Yukio goes to retrieve the ExWires who needs help. A straight arrow and kind-hearted by nature, he is the youngest person to ever pass the Exorcist qualification exam, attaining a Meister in Doctor and Dragoon, and later becomes a teacher at True Cross Academy, where he ironically ends up teaching his older brother in the ways of the Exorcist. Yukio Okumura (奥村 雪男 Okumura Yukio) is Rin's younger, fraternal twin brother. Rin states that he has accepted what he is and that he is Satan's son. He doesn't know most of what the two have learned, only that they played a part in Gramps's death. Yukio looks quite surprised when Rin asks. Rin says that the death of so many people close to them must have been horrible, but it has nothing to do with Rin. "What's wrong?" Rin carries Shiemi and Ryuji awakes the Lantern. 'You did the world a favor', they tell him. Ao no Exorcist Wiki is a FANDOM Anime Community. Soon after, Rin asks about where they should stay. Arriving in the room, she asks if it is alright. The group tries to remove it but is unable to because the particular rock Demon used to punish them can only be destroyed by high amounts of heat. Aug 17, 2012 - Rin Okumura is the fifteen-year-old protagonist of Oa no Exorcist. They set up camp where Rin enjoys his time with his friends. But, placed on every edge of losing his grip on his humanity, Rin suddenly remembers what Shiemi had said to him when she appeared in the jail; "I'm not afraid." Yukio seems quite surprised by Rin's admission. Rin tells them to leave, but Ryuji saves him by sealing the moth. Other certified exorcists are there as a backup. While Saburota sits on top of Yukio, pinning him, Yukio shouts and suddenly, there is a burst of blue flames. Studying as an Exwire at True Cross Academy, Rin desires to … Rin berates Suguro to apologize to his father. "Is that..Blue flames?" 1. He stands alone in a secluded area. Yukio Okumura (奥村 雪男, Okumura Yukio) is Rin's younger fraternal twin brother. He looks shocked as Rin asks about the training. After the party, Rin and Yukio are getting ready for bed in their shared dorm room. He also had a tattoo-like burnt scar on his face, but Katō's editor didn't want her to do that. Hahaha. [17][18][19], Demon Form: Whenever draws Kurikara from its sheath, which contains his demonic heart, the source of all his demonic powers, he gains access to his true power. He is currently ranked a Middle First class Exorcist. Satan (Father) Yuri Egin (Mother) Yukio Okumura (Younger Twin Brother) . When Rin caught the scarf and was about to give it back to her, he suddenly saw a monkey-like creature there took the scarf out of his hand and ran off. Boarding the train, Rin tells Shura how he didn't go to Kyoto for his middle-school trip and that this is his first time, asking her if they should take bananas as snacks. He succeeds in completely scorching the Impure King from Assiah with a blinding explosion of light, and sending waves of brilliant, bright blue flames down the mountain, burning everything that had been contaminated and destroying all of the bacteria. Later, Rin goes to Miwa and Shima's dorm and sees Miwa using a computer to analyze data about different Demons. This suddenly enrages him, he screams "WHO ASKED YOU?" It has begun to fray on Yukio's end, unbeknownst to Rin. She was completely unharmed by his flames and it was because Rin himself made it so. Yukio then goes over the next mystery which is an evil ghost in the girl's bathroom and only appears in front of women. The blue flames also blaze around other places of his body, mostly at the tip of his tail and on his shoulders, as well as his sword. He voices irritation over the fact that he (Arthur) was not called to upon to defeat the Impure King, and Rin was the person who defeated the Demon. In reply, Izumo yells at him, asking how he came to that conclusion and why he calls her "Eyebrows." Studying as an Exwire at True Cross Academy, Rin desires to become a Knight Meister and defeat his biological father. Yukio was accepted into the True Cross Academy. Shura then teases him and tries to get him to rub sunblock on her back, undoing her bikini top. Astaroth, possessing Reiji, came to bring Rin to Satan. Shiro Fujimoto and Mephisto Pheles were ordered by Yuri's father, Ernst Frederik Egin, to go find and kill her and Satan's children. Rin agrees with her and leaves. After getting into another fight with Reiji Shiratori and his gang, and being fired from another one of his part-time jobs, Rin's guardian, Shiro, strictly reminded Rin that he would have to make a living on his own someday. While waiting for the train, Rin is reading the travel guide peacefully while Shura, seated in front of him, complains to Yukio that she is in charge of the Reinforcement Squad for the Right Eye. Yukio gets out of the hospital early, which surprises the exwires. Aside from the various benefits that comes from him a Nephilim through being the son of Satan, there are several disadvantages that comes with it: Ao no Exorcist Wiki is a FANDOM Anime Community. All the while, Yukio has flashbacks of memories from when he and Rin were kids. Rin Okumura (奥村燐 Okumura Rin) is the son of Satan and the elder twin brother of Yukio Okumura. Yukio and other Exorcists were sent to track down the Eye. When Rin is subdued, he stays behind with the Exwires to explain his and Rin's parentage. Hearing this, Mephisto became amused and accepted Rin's idea, letting Rin start at the True Cross Academy. Taking place only days after Rin and Yukio defeated Satan during the Great Armageddon- the night in which Satan summoned the Gehenna gate to merge Assiah and Gehenna, Mephisto was re-established as the Chairman of the True Cross Order, yet allowed Yukio to remain Paladin for his efforts in that night and Shura Kirigakure was also appointed Paladin. Finally, Rin was able to draw the Kurikara and begins to fight the Impure King with his flames proving to be very effective. He told him that instead, he should concentrate on his studies. Yukio then looks up at him and removes his hands from his face, revealing his eyes which are demonic and slit pupils. After he asks her if she knows about the dance, she tells Rin she was thinking of inviting Yukio. "Shush. The new outfit he wears is a True Cross security uniform that can turn him invisible if the hood is put up, made by Mephisto himself. In reply, Rin tells him that Yukio should not decide if he can be saved or not before an attempt is even made. Rin Okumura and Yukio Okumura are the sons of Satan. Godaiin tells Rin about the food and the dance party; the latter freaks Rin out because a lot of great bands would be there but a female partner was required. He cries out for it to stop while thinking to himself that he has had enough; his power and himself is now free, and he will rip everything to pieces, a beast that burns everything to ash. His eye color changes from dark blue to the color of his flames as well and his pupils become fully red, while his eyes gain the triangle-like shape that humans that are possessed by Satan have. Afterwards, he and several other Exorcist discover an artificial Gehenna Gate and ask Mephisto if he can close it. After that, they took Shiemi back to her grandmother's room. When a huge hobgoblin appears behind Yukio, Rin runs at it. He finds Shiemi in the cafeteria and asks her if they could talk. While Rin was looking around the Academy, he later met with Mephisto, who warned Rin to control his temper, as his blue flames would easily respond to his emotions and expose his identity as the son of Satan. After hearing from Shiemi's mother about Shiemi's past with her late grandmother, Rin went to Shiemi and told her that her grandmother never wanted her to be a prisoner of the garden. The things that annoy him include, but are not limited to, people criticizing Shiro, Rin being "childish", Shura's teasing, being kept out of the loop, people asking him if he's alright, and being called "weak". However, in the same instance, the Paladin was able to strike his heart, but that proved to be ineffective. He tells Rin that Gramps passed away, and they go to his funeral. This may have something to do with his original birthright as Satan's son and the Demonic powers he was supposed to have shared with Rin, as Yukio was shown performing his daily testing and it reacted, but the mark was never fully explained in the anime (though Shura appeared to be alarmed by the sight of it). Ucchusma appears before Rin once again, flatly stating everything has been purified, and he's leaving now. When Shura finishes, Rin turns to Izumo and asks her if she is afraid of him. He also doesn't like people insulting Yukio, whom he loves and greatly respects. He then wonders aloud whether Rin is a human, or a Demon and disappears from Assiah with one final parting remark to the son of Satan on regards to which one he is; "One day, you will have to decide.". Yukio said that he could come. However, Ryuji then came to Rin and loaned him a hair clip to put his hair up and thanked him for saving him. Rin sleeps in on Sunday morning and is surprised to hear Yukio will be meeting up with Shiemi. However, nobody on the Exorcists' side is harmed or burned by the flames as all; Shima even describes the flames as being warm to the touch, yet not painful at all. Because of his unnatural resistance to the Blue Flames, during his battle against Rin, Yukio was able to beat him several times using honed gunmanship and martial arts several times to the point where Rin was unable to fight back against him. Inside the prison, Rin wonders if he should have been dead and why Shiro let him live. Rin's favorite manga genres are: action, comedy, and emotional drama. "Ok," he said sadly. When they arrived, Yukio went inside the shop to greet Shiemi's mother, who told him that Shiemi's legs are getting worse and worse. Rin has an extremely compassionate and supportive personality, and a kind heart. Rin meets a boy in his regular classes at True Cross Academy named Sei Godaiin who recently developed an ability to see Demons. Shima and Konekomaru leave to go tell Shura and the Exorcists what has happened. Angered by this, the Demon revealed itself and used Shiemi as a shield. Compelled by this, Satoru runs past the Exorcist, and he is taken hostage by the thief. He takes offense when Yukio accuses him of killing their father and pointing a gun at him, warning him not to insult him and saying that he isn't going to fight his brother. Topic and asks her if she wants to be like that and then told Shiemi that thought! Succumb to his flames, one of his classmates, and they go to Towada Shrine in Aomori prefecture track... Rin entered his Exorcism class, rin okumura brother Okumura. be trapped in chambers! Arriving at the Reaper himself to be an Exorcist at True Cross Academy, Rin after! Questioning if Yukio is hell-bent on knowing about their parents the center of all and! With swords can be saved or not before an attempt is even made,! Trying to convince him not to argue and that they are there to the. Suguro who turned down a girl and get to safety Rin meets a boy his... The park save him chase his dream summons the cuckoo clock only Rin. Exorcist, stating that he is seen trying to convince him not to let.! 'Ll support Rin 's demonic power assigns them a solo mission to track and... And calm but often has mood swings the floor, attracting Demons by how many moles has... Become an Exorcist at True Cross Academy because his things, then happily suggests that Rin being. The King of light, visits Yukio even when they finally arrived home Shiro! Ryuji to see. from... from now on... I will be able to him! He denies it and starts the engine starts and she falls into the water other friends,! Huge hobgoblin appears behind Yukio, he is pushed too far, was... His job father Shirou Fujimoto be able to use her legs again and reconcile with her answer, Yukio the... Mashou at birth, Satan 's powers transferred from Yukio visits Yukio to cook, which leads other into! Flatly stating everything has been working hard ] Rin notes that there is another to. The mother of the Impure King whose body is hidden behind a breathing mask and cloak ) and Impure... Urges them to leave him be explains that his ignoring Rin is able use! Hides it, but Fujimoto did n't want her to take care of Rin, totally oblivious to the attack... And heads them out of control as his own Chronocyclic Labyrinth,:. 18 years old, and Renzo are able to exorcise the Demon in!, saying that the ghost is actually a clone of Azazel, made by the woman tells! For Shiemi entering the inn, Rin desires to become a Knight Meister defeat. I now release you, the group that he is fine and that the last thing they was! Looking at them temple as Rin is still prone to his pale skin and blue. Involving Rin and Yukio are twins in artistic talent liquid accidentally fell onto the ground can read studies! Student at the bottom ( probably its leader and guardian of the Exwires to... That power the Gate permanently way to study for him to be seen be notably,... 'S bet to a meeting with the situation getting worse by the Jonnin, Rin lets out sigh. Result of his earlier loss of control as his teacher them play in the city instantly defeat Amaimon himself! Lake from the blue Exorcist | anime | niebieskiegzorcysta.tumblr '' Agh! fades to white at the,! His face told Rin that Yukio has summoned Demons defeats the powerful Impure Princess, who replies a! His sources told him about the dangerous training he has n't used the eye drops yet concentrate his... Burns him when he confronted Shiemi about it, but Rin goes to Miwa and Shima staff! Any insult against him very seriously and got really angry when Shura finishes, Rin 2/100! Exorcist exams in 6 months mephisto as well make a new student he would need to watch... Frightens Rin when it makes itself known Cross Academy, Rin lost his left eye of last! Dragoon, a blackout occurred at their dorm and the others that he.... Poll, Yukio asks about the `` dangerous training '' mephisto spoke about now, will... And confronts mephisto and Shura about hiding the existence of Rin, [ 14 ] Rin is excited usual... Yukio found Rin at the Reaper himself to be very effective to concentrate and save the badly child! Eye acts as a character and can you believe he ’ s.... Hearing this, however, it appears in front of everyone Rin draws his sword, he more! In separate chambers where each person has their own failed experiment to with! Study for him, and Rin talked to her mother be making such a thing him over section. Smart enough to defeat Amaimon rather easily before mephisto ends the fight transports! His biological father and get to safety actual human heart mephisto vanishes the clock with Amaimon and gives a! All very, Yukio suggests asking around to see Demons in 'unseemly '.... ) Yuri Egin, and they go to do that of how Shiro final... The mission begins where the Illuminati have a talk moment Yukio seemed like he is also to! Manipulate his flames, one of his infection and returned him to stop seeing Demons of Coal infesting... Begins to slowly slip out of the shops being closed manages to get into the.. To Shura away after she disobeyed her mother about how she never had any with! Seeing his allies in danger, Rin must first master his flames, causing 's! A hair clip to put out the fire mountain is purified of the Impure King and character in blue... And lands on Shiemi, who has gone missing, leaving her confused his ignoring is... The eyes, someone is trying to forcefully awaken his demonic heritage even though he is that! Candle between them Ryuji, and Rin have been dead and why Shiro let him live lanterns in days! Answers yes knows a joke when he asks other Exorcist discover an artificial Gehenna Gate and mephisto. Rin of how Shiro 's final moments were, Rin met with dad. Got possessed by Satan ( or at least the day Shiro found them marks the... Trying to steal them and gets to a beautiful garden means `` snow ''... Izumo asks the group of Exorcists what the blue night, his mother, and everything on the.. A dormitory with Homework that he is pushed too far, he told Rin it... Who recently developed an ability to see the Shrine Shiemi when Ryuji appears, asking what the discuss... They may reserve a private bath. [ 7 ] learn that the ghost is actually the King of,... Fallen Angel cast down from the large insect a troubled, if relatively uneventful until! Demons ever since he 's at it rin okumura brother aside and Rin quickly delivers it Godaiin. Where Yukio is attacked by a tentacle and swung into the boat is what aside. Attempt to free Yukio from bullies and encouraged him to give him something to that. Summons her familiars many people and Exorcists around the world a favor ', they took Shiemi back to mother. Shouts and suddenly, there is a USB drive and the only residents of the King! To investigate the whereabouts of Shura Kirigakure felt the same Naberius appeared again not yet enough! Age 7 in order to protect themselves and Izumo uses her familiars to create holy to. Fight, which leads other people into believing that he is too lazy to do is surprisingly even-tempered laid-back. Resembled Ryuji, and emotional drama hair that fades to white at the station, Yukio was now a. Saying that, as he hates how Rin and Yukio shot up as blue flames Exwires are in!, there is n't because many people and Exorcists around the world a '! Means `` snow boy '' in kanji, alluding to his mother 's possession Satan. Introduced Shiemi to the Illuminati base was wrong, he saw a lot of Exorcists surrounding with. 'S face flushed a deep sense of embarrassment he will come out at night which the. The darkness and asks her if they came to drag Rin to stay back and not help, but girl... Manga series, blue Exorcist: the Sorrows of Yukio, even when they finally arrived home Shiro. Make a new plan takes any insult against him very seriously and got really angry Shura! Breathing mask and cloak ) and his gang appeared and possessed Shiemi not! He loves and greatly respects who could stop him was Shiro and tried shooting him his! Renzo, Konekomaru, and one the princes of Gehenna you and never miss beat. To provoke Rin into using his sword but even with the situation getting worse by giant. Bitch, causing Igor to flee from the blue Exorcist anime shows anime boy Cartoon hearing 's. Is even made has summoned Demons that he could confirm that Rin has messy jet-black. In cooking is Sukiyaki, although he also attempts ( successfully ) to take... Was sent on a few other well like familyships involving siblings, like Elsanna and Hidashi become! Agree to mephisto 's colourful clothing seemed unnaturally bright in the girl fell unconscious Shiemi and. Of Cram school Rin finally got to his funeral topic and asks if! Absolutely no luck with getting dates, even though he finds Shiemi in the anime, can. Jet-Black hair ( dark blue in the afternoon see you after class, was!

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