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--- DX 2517 Power supply options are listed on the "View Detail" page of the item. .table_d2e97 { .table_d2e168 { With the flip of a switch, the radio can be transformed from a CB to serving as the microphone for your own intercom, broadcasting your voice to those outside the vehicle via the horn. } } border: 1px solid; Add to Cart. Galaxy CB radios have become more powerful, functional, and convenient to use than ever. The Galaxy DX 919 CB Radio is a popular entry level design that still has many of the features you expect in a Galaxy radio. Large Galaxy meter with 4 … new Galaxy radio. 4 ratings. The more-advanced 10 meter CB radios should have enough watts of power to broadcast and operate the features. Modifications. border: 2px solid; (7.25w X 2.25h) Starlit face plate, adjustable dimmer, and much more. CB radio is available in many countries around the world. Galaxy DX 979. Hello test. Galaxy CB Radios. new Galaxy radio? DX 949-REFURB (very few) DX 29HP. CB Radios Manufacturers category is a curation of 10 web resources on , Cobra Electronins, President Electronics, Galaxy Radios. --- DX 33HML $129.95. Image not available. width: 100%; Our current CB and Amateur models are listed below. border-color: #000000; 1 Review(s) $159.99. Ratings had this as a top choice in cb radios. Excellent service, low prices, repair, warranty, tuning and fast world wide shipping on the latest Galaxy radios. The Galaxy CB radio DX 959 is one of the most popular models by this brand. border: 2px solid; 4335 Steeles Ave. West, Toronto Ontario M3N1V7 Tel: 416-667-1000 $7.95. Galaxy CB radios are designed with features that a serious CB operator can appreciate and a new user can easily master. --- DX 55V Radios that include an illuminated screen, knob panel or both. Galaxy DX 33HML cb radio AM/FM bad boy with power microphone mobile cb skip. 1. 66% Recommended (2 of 3) 5 stars. border: 1px solid; Monday - Friday: 9:00am - 5:00pm. border-color: #000000; border-color: #000000; This is one of the top rated galaxy CB radios we tested Also, the, DX-979 has many hi-tech functions. NOTE: This works on Galaxy Radios that use front microphone that are 8" Wide. Back. CB Radios CB radios are popular for use while travelling. border: 1px solid; -->, . width: 100%; .table_d2e78 { --- DX 929 (big picture) Galaxy CB radios are designed with features that a serious CB operator can appreciate and a new user can easily master. Mar 1, 2012 #1. philjo Light Load Member. Our current CB and Amateur models are listed below. $. Save 20%. We also offer a $45 modulation upgrade on select models which includes the tuning. --- DX 66V Report. --- DX 979 (big picture) If you do not have a CB radio shop in your area, the following Galaxy CB models are Whoever you're communicating with will also need an SSB equipped radio to understand you properly. Galaxy CB Radios. The radio incorporates a large number of features – more than just about any other FCC type certified CB radio on the market. , , , . } .table_d2e175 td { .table_d2e175 { -->, Galaxy DX 2 – Galaxy DX-959 SSB / CB Radio The Galaxy DX-959 CB radio is a high-quality radio that has 40 CB channels and has SSB (Single Side Band) and AM modes. Galaxy offers affordable, high-quality CB radios to users of all skill levels. , , ,

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