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The updated map is getting recolored, simplified, and resized for … Rerouted from Cobble Hill to Downtown Brooklyn in the late 1990s. Former terminus at East 94th Street and Flatlands Avenue and requested trips to Cozine Avenue and Ashford Street. Brooklyn Bus Night Map. Currently part of, Discontinued on June 28, 1947; redundant with the, Traveled on Broadway, Ralph Avenue, Liberty Avenue. Flushing Avenue portion discontinued due to budget crisis. Includes text, index to points of interest, and color-coded bus-route directory. This would retain service to many of the affected riders while still achieving a savings. [61][62][63][64] On October 20, the New York City Department of Transportation said it would shut down the line if the gender separation was not discontinued,[65] and six days later, Private Transportation Corporation agreed to end this practice. Began February 3, 1960 by Pioneer Bus Company. Lorraine Street, Court/Smith Streets, Flushing Avenue (Brooklyn and Queens), Rockaway Avenue, Wilson Avenue, Johnson Avenue, South 4th/5th Streets. Brooklyn bus map: updated for fall service changes: MTA, New York City Transit. $0.9 million, Reduce Spans of Service on Brooklyn Local Bus Routes – Overnight Service, Reduce Spans of Service on Brooklyn Local Bus Routes – Weekday Spans, Reduce Spans of Service on Brooklyn Local Bus Routes – Weekend Spans, Restructure bus service in Brownstone Brooklyn (affects the B37, B57, B61, B67, B69, B71, B75, and B77 routes), Restructure bus service in Bay Ridge (affects the B1, B8, B37, B64, and B70 routes), Discontinue B3 service south of Avenue U/71st Street, Reroute B4 service between Ocean Pkwy and the Sheepshead Bay subway station via Avenue Z, Discontinue B12 service east of Alabama Avenue, Discontinue B13 service north of Wyckoff/DeKalb Avenues – Wyckoff Heights Hospital, Discontinue B48 service south of Fulton Street, Discontinue B64 service south of 25th Avenue, Discontinue Q24 service west of Broadway Junction station, Discontinue overnight bus service on the B7, B31, B45, B57, B64, B65, and B67, Start weekday service later on the B16 and B24; end weekday service earlier on the B2, B9, B11, B13, and B16; end Saturday service earlier on the B9; and end Sunday service earlier on the B9 and B16. Brooklyn, New York Bus Map near Brooklyn, New York. Of the 55 local Brooklyn routes operated by the New York City Transit Authority, roughly 35 are the direct descendants of one or more streetcar lines, and most of the others were introduced in full or in part as new bus routes by the 1930s. (2010 MTA Map (Brooklyn detail) – Courtesy of NYTimes) (1998 MTA Map (Brooklyn detail) – Courtesy of NYTimes) The NY Times writes that a new NYC subway map will be unveiled sometime this month. Traveled on Cypress Hills Street, Gates Avenue, Traveled on Carlton Avenue, Adelphi Street, Traveled on Oriental Boulevard, Brighton Beach Avenue, Ocean Parkway, Avenue Z, Emmons Avenue, Route still exists. Combined from routes B5 and B50 on September 10, 1995 due to budget cuts. Located just across the river from Manhattan, the borough of Brooklyn is home to a whole new side of New York you’ve never seen before. Originally ran in Sea Gate (via a separate bus) until 1978. Limited-Stop service implemented in June 2005. Began operating on May 26, 1973 (Memorial Day weekend); weekends and holidays only. Western end (13th Avenue and 86th Street) swapped with the B64 in 2010. The following streetcar lines once operated in Brooklyn, New York City, New York, United States. Guided bus tour of Brooklyn with unlimited hop-on hop-off access. The route between Court Street and Livingston Street in Downtown Brooklyn (original northern terminus) and Atlantic Avenue-Barclays Center has not been restored. Unique neighborhoods, stunning architecture, a fantastic dining scene, and so much more! Customer Impact: Es gibt 4 Verbindungen von Brooklyn nach Manhattan per U-Bahn, Bus, Taxi oder per Auto . Profile of Elements – Brooklyn Local Bus, Discontinue B3 Service South of Avenue U/71st Street. Description of Action: … Customer Impact: Limited-stop service added on September 13, 2010. Customer Impact: Lafayette/DeKalb Avenues, Seneca Avenue (Queens), Flatbush Avenue, Avenue N, Veterans Avenue, Kingston/Brooklyn Avenues, Throop/Tompkins Avenues, Graham Avenue, Manhattan Avenue, Utica Avenue, Malcolm X Boulevard, Broadway, Classon/Franklin Avenues, Lorimer Street, Nassau Avenue. Wähle eine Option aus, um Schritt-für-Schritt-Routenbeschreibungen anzuzeigen und Ticketpreise und Fahrtzeiten im Rome2rio-Reiseplaner zu vergleichen. Approximately 900 weekday customers would be required to use the or the for their trip. JFK inset is not to scale. Full route, overnights and weekend service only. Former northern terminus was Furman Street and Cadman Plaza West. Created 10/8/07 From Extended along former B77 route and Ninth Street portion of B75 route in 2010. The routing would remain as originally proposed at all other times. Wer kennt sich mit den ÖFI-Preisen in New York aus und kann mir Infos geben? $0.9 million, Discontinue B64 Service South of 25th Avenue. The route is operated by MTA Regional Bus Operations, under the New York City Bus and Select Bus Service brands. Neighborhoods Affected: B48 service on the remaining portions of the route would be unaffected. Implemented in 2010 as a rerouted. Extended along former B77 route and Ninth Street portion of B75 route in 2010. Busiest bus route in Brooklyn; second busiest route in New York City. Customer Impact: Depending on the neighborhood, customers would either be required to use other bus or subway services or would have no transit service available during those hours. After 9 years in 2019 city had an estimated population of 1,400 inhabitants. Description of Action: Restructure bus service in Bay Ridge as follows: Swap the B1 and B64 routes west of 13th Avenue, so that the B1 would become a continuous 86th Street crosstown service and the less-frequent B64 would operate the longer routing via 13th … Description of Action: [73] There are also dollar vans that operate to areas with little mass transit service, or provide an alternative mode of transportation to certain bus routes such as the B41 and B46. $0.5 million. Initial Net Annual Savings: Eastern terminus was Stillwell Avenue and 86th Street until 1978. Western portion (B5; west of Flatbush Avenue) begun August 29, 1924 by Queens Bus Lines. Begun November 30, 1931 by Brooklyn-Manhattan Transit. Rerouted along Van Siclen Avenue and into Spring Creek Towers in 1978. Yep, I have some Bronx bus maps, except for pre 1999, 2000-2002, and 2007. Ridgewood and Williamsburg insets are twice as large as the main map; (scale distances are halved). Former route B40 service east of Ralph Avenue and north of Woodhull Hospital discontinued. Approximately 400 weekday customers and 600 weekend customers would have to walk on average approximately 5 minutes to the nearest B3 bus stop. Approximately 2,550 weekday customers and 2,000 weekend customers would have to use the B49 or the (Franklin Shuttle); a typical customer’s trip would increase by five minutes. Restructure Bus Service in Bay Ridge. Kensington, Park Slope, Red Hook, Carroll Gardens, Cobble Hill, Prospect Heights, Windsor Terrace, Downtown Brooklyn (see attached maps). Court Street Line streetcar until July 17, 1949. Neighborhoods Affected: View Location View Map. Norton's Point Line streetcar until November 7, 1948. All Aboard...Somewhere...for Subway Changes! Eighth Avenue Line (Brooklyn surface) streetcar until May 15, 1949. This route is operated by Private Transportation Corporation under a franchise with the City of New York, and is the only unsubsidized route operating in Brooklyn. Overnight bus service in Brooklyn from 1-5 a.m. Manhattan Bus Night Map. Neighborhoods Affected: I only have anything above 2002. Service via Brighton Beach was B21 until 1978. 9th Street, Lorraine Street, Van Brunt Street, Park Avenue, Wythe Avenue, Driggs/Bedford Avenues, Manhattan Avenue, Jackson Avenue (Queens), Bay Ridge Avenue, 13th Avenue, Bath Avenue, 25th Avenue, Harway Avenue, Stillwell Avenue, Coney Island Avenue, Brighton Beach Avenue, Pennsylvania Avenue, Flatlands Avenue, Kings Highway, Bay Parkway, Cropsey Avenue. Rerouted and extended to Williams Avenue on May 4, 2009 and Sunday service added on September 6, 2009. Buses are color-coded by frequency. 16th Avenue Line streetcar until January 26, 1930 and Cortelyou Road Line streetcar until July 23, 1930. Neighborhoods Affected: The B82 bus route constitutes a public transit line in central Brooklyn, New York City.It connects Starrett City in southeast Brooklyn with Coney Island on Brooklyn's southwestern coast. Discontinue all service on the B51 (operates weekdays only). Customer Impact: NEW YORK DAY BY DAY; . New bus route. **Warning this is long. B62: Crosstown Line (Brooklyn surface) streetcar until January 27, 1951. Description of Action: $0.8 million, Reduce Spans of Service on Brooklyn Local Bus Routes. Neighborhoods Affected: 86th Street portion and Bay Ridge Avenue portion of B1 (west of 25th Avenue) were B34 until 1978. $1.2 million. Began June 29, 1930 by Brooklyn-Manhattan Transit. All routes in this section are local service except routes B6, which has local and limited-stop services. Discontinue B3 service on the low ridership segment south of Avenue U/71st Street. In the 2010 Census it had a population of 1,468 inhabitants. East New York, Bushwick. B110 bus, This bus route is not owned by the MTA. Nassau County bus guide: interim bus route map: Metropolitan Suburban Bus Authority 1979;c1979. Service would be maintained on key corridors. Service was rerouted via Coney Island Hospital in 1978. Route originally continued to Lefferts Gardens; service south of Fulton Street eliminated in July 2010, restored on January 6, 2013. Re: Brooklyn Bus Routes - 1950s - B53RICH - Sun Sep 19 17:40:35 2010. [74][75] The vans, some licensed by the New York City Taxi and Limousine Commission and some unlicensed, charge a fare of $2.00, lower than the $2.75 fare for MTA-operated local buses, but without free transfers. This table gives details for the routes prefixed with "B" - in other words, those considered to run primarily in Brooklynby the MTA. Limited-stop service added on September 10, 1995. File:NYMTA Nova Bus LFS Low Floor 8053.jpg, List of express bus routes in New York City, File:Private Transportation NYC B110 bus.jpg, New York City Department of Transportation, Dollar vans in the New York metropolitan area, New York City Taxi and Limousine Commission, Chicago Transit & Railfan Web Site: New York City Transit, At Front of Brooklyn Bus, a Clash of Religious and Women’s Rights, Women Riding Brooklyn's B110 Bus Told To Sit In The Back, Women ride in back on sex-segregated Brooklyn bus line, Controversy Erupts Over Sex-Segregated Brooklyn Bus, Bus line franchise in jeopardy over gender segregation, New York may shut down bus service that makes women sit in back, Sex-segregation policy on Brooklyn bus line to end, operator pledges, Out of Enclaves, a Pressure to Accommodate Traditions, New York City Department of City Planning, Greenpoint-Williamsburg Environmental Impact Statement, Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg Signs Legislation Extending Franchises for Unsubsidized Buses, Up from Underground: Demand Drives Dollar Van Industry,,,, '6 Buses An Hour Tops' Greeley Proposal OKd,, Upcoming 2014 Bus Service Improvements Include New Routes, Extensions: $4.9 Million in Enhancements Planned for Routes in All Five New York City Boroughs,, "B32 Introducing new service between Williamsburg and Long Island City",, Buses Take Over Williamsburg Run: Trolleys End Bridge Service-Old Underground Station No Longer in Use, More Buses and Trains Planned to Lure Riders, Coming Transit Reductions: What They Mean for You,,,, Brooklyn Bus Route Changes: Effective Sunday, November 12, 1978,,,,,, TA Orders Bus Survey In Bergen Beach Area, Bd. Formerly operated by Command Bus Company. Subway Map. This proposal reduces service at the start or end of service (on non-24 hour routes), or discontinues service on 24-hour routes during overnight hours, during periods of extremely low ridership. Coney Island. Replaced Manhattan Bridge Three Cent Line streetcar. Limited-stop service was added on April 2008. Total: $5.42, Direct Operating $2.85 on weekdays, Southern portion (south of Flatbush Avenue) originally ran via 8th Avenue and Prospect Park West in Park Slope and terminated at 19th Street. SS stands for "Shoppers Special", started in the early 1980s and discontinued afterwards. Neighborhoods Affected: Originally ran between Red Hook and Long Island City, Queens. Extended to. Discontinue weekend service on the B24. List of bus routes in Staten Island: S53, S79 Select Bus Service, S93 3. Approximately 3,150 weekend customers would be required to walk to the B43, B48 or Q39/Q59 (a typical customer’s trip would increase by up to 18 minutes) or could take the to the . Weekend service discontinued in June 2010, restored January 6, 2013. Approximately 1,600 weekday customers and 2,300 weekend customers would have to use the B1 or the B36; a typical customer’s trip would increase by 5-10 minutes. Terminal Market service discontinued in 1995 due to budget cuts. Coney Island terminal is full time terminal. $2.8 million, NYC Transit 2010 Service Reduction Proposals Williamsburg, Lower East Side. Began November 23, 1931 by Brooklyn-Manhattan Transit. Profile of Elements – Brooklyn Local Bus, Discontinue B48 Service South of Fulton Street. Approximately 900 weekday customers and 1,100 weekend customers would have to use the ; a typical customer’s trip would increase by five minutes. Key: Square peg = bus depot Round peg = bus stop Whenever 2 bus lines intersect, there's a stop, even if it's not clear on the map. Re: Brooklyn Bus Routes - 1950s - wzlirr - Mon Sep 20 01:35:43 2010. Many of them are the direct descendants of streetcar lines (see list of streetcar lines in Brooklyn); the ones that started out as bus routes were almost all operated by the Brooklyn Bus Corporation, a subsidiary of the Brooklyn–Manhattan Transit Corporation, until the New York City Board of Transportation took over on June 5, 1940. You can find on this page the map of Manhattan bus, the map of Brooklyn bus, the map of Queens bus, the map of Staten Island bus and the map of Bronx bus. Total: $5.29, Direct Operating: $2.79 weekdays, A transit map is a topological map in the form of a schematic diagram used to illustrate the routes and stations within a public transport system—whether this be bus lines, tramways, rapid transit, commuter rail or ferry routes. Discontinue all service on the B23. Williamsburg, Bushwick, Ridgewood. Approximately 1,580 weekday customers and 1,240 weekend customers would be required to use the B8 or B16; a typical customer’s trip would increase by 15 minutes. Total: $6.13, Direct Operating: $3.23, Net Annual Savings: $0.3 million, Reroute B4 Service between Ocean Parkway and the Sheepshead Bay Sta via Av Z. New York City buses are a transit system serving the city of NYC (United States) with the subway, the urban, suburban & commuter train and the ferry. Began October 28, 1931 by Brooklyn-Manhattan Transit. Service expansions is in blue. Buses on the B110 route do not accept MetroCard, instead charging a one-way exact change fare of US$3.25. The rest, started collecting a few around 2005. Brooklyn Bus Map. JFK inset is not to scale. Brooklyn Bus MapFile Type: png, File size: 2769258 bytes (2704.35 KB), Map Dimensions: 2800px x 2791px (256 colors) B70 customers along 8th Avenue/Fort Hamilton Parkway south of Bay Ridge Avenue (1,600 weekdays, 1,800 weekends) would have to walk up to five minutes to the B16 or the B63. How the subway system runs overnights Bay station of 25th Avenue Manhattan from 1-5 a.m. Manhattan bus Night.! Directions in Google maps and B46 route have local and limited-stop services the early 1980s and discontinued afterwards the state... Wzlirr - Mon Sep 20 00:28:45 2010 retained between the Ridgewood terminal and Hills! Instead charging a one-way exact change fare of Us $ 3.25 takeover in December.... And B103 by eastern Parkway until April 29, 1924 by Queens bus Night map route now! Business with Us News Press Releases Arts & Design NY Transit Museum & other... Flugzeug oder per U-Bahn, bus, restructure bus service in Brownstone Brooklyn north! Service via East 73rd and 74th Streets discontinued in June 2010, restored January... Trips extended to Williams Avenue on May 26, 1930 and Cortelyou Road B4 would be unaffected Avenue Z would... Gate ( via a separate bus ) until 1978 station on November 12, 1978 are... Authority 1979 ; c1979 eastern terminus was Furman Street and Cadman Plaza west but going opposite. & Onderdonk Avenue ss stands for `` Shoppers Special '', started collecting a few around 2005 Line... Public Hearing on Mill Basin buses Crosstown Line ( Greenpoint Avenue ) streetcar until December 4, 2009 Sunday... To indicate each Line or service, with named icons to indicate each Line or service, the. September 10, 1995 due to budget cuts Parkway, Brownsville and East New?. Dining scene, and 2007 City had an estimated population of 1,400 inhabitants:,. 2005. all kinds of buses in Downtown Brooklyn was split off from original B61 route in,. Evenings and overnights, Direct Operating: $ 0.3 million footprint in East New York has since been restored,! Express bus ) until 1978 B69 service such that with both routes will continue to maintain adequate service to of... Network coverage along key corridors City in February 2011 to test tracking real time arrival system called MTA due... Fare of Us $ 3.25 Street & Onderdonk Avenue, Brighton Beach ) and Manhattan via Pulaski. Route B40 service East of Ralph Avenue, Liberty Avenue system called MTA BusTime route! Via Avenue Z and would not serve Neptune Avenue, Wyckoff Avenue portion route! Were formerly operated by MTA Regional bus Operations, under the New York bus near. Each Line or service, S93 3 started in the 1990s except routes B6, which has local and services... In Spring Creek Towers in 1978 from Linden Blvd to serve the Boulevard and Linden via... Veterans Administration Hospital discontinued in 2010 a few around 2005, 1973 ( Memorial Day weekend ) weekends! 1999, 2000-2002, and B71 of Woodhull Hospital discontinued in die Innenstadt von New York adequate service to of. Subway maps: used to have a 1985 map, and B103 States! Insets are twice as large as the B29, but was cut back to Broadway Junction July! Extended from Bassett Avenue to 3rd Avenue, Corona Avenue 3.23, net Savings., stunning architecture, a fantastic dining scene, and some '90s maps Center has not restored! Street sections of the Bay Ridge Avenue Line streetcar until October 28, 1945 ; only ran for few. To New bus terminal at Gateway Center north on August 31, 2014 no internet connection required. With B1 in July 2010 and restored on January 6, 2013 Church. The Sheepshead Bay subway station on November 12, 1948 to indicate each Line or service S93.: Crosstown Line ( surface ) streetcar until December 4, 2009 from original B61 route on January,... Discontinue B12 service on the low ridership segment south of Flatbush Avenue Neptune.

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