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Fabulous line and very good precision at hard distance, great in the wind conditions (here in Brittany it’s often the case) ... and the price is a joke! I was using my favourite stream rod, a Temple Fork Finesse 7'9" 4wt which has a softer 'traditional' action. Many thanks and keep doing this fantastic job! Name: Josh WCountry: USASubject: Smallstream Fly Lines. Mike really has made a belter of a line here that I wouldn't hesitate to recommend to anyone. Casting is effortless because the rod is loaded with very little line which is ideal for my local stream. I was casting in a very strong wind and getting the fly to tuck-in under a low branch just above the water was no problem at all. I've given it to three friends of mine to try, they have all found it a great line and I think they have bought one too. Many thanks indeed, keep doing what you are doing. Recent Post by Page. Coupled with a Barrio furled leader, I was able to accurately and softly cover fish to a maximum range of 10 metres. Barrio Predator 22g All rights reserved. However, what really was a surprise was how well it cast 'overhead'. I use the GT90 and the Smallstream and am convinced this is the best line I've ever had in use. I'm definitely in awe of the performance. Did 1½ days with the Smallstream #4 on my Guideline 8'4" #4 EXP4 last weekend. The Fly Rod Collection is curated by St. Croix Rods to show the most ideal fishing rods for customers interested in Fly series rods. Here at RJC Fly Rods our objective is simple, to design and manufacture the finest fly rods available to today's fly fisher. The Barrio Fly Line range is ideal for fishing on our lochs and rivers and is enjoying a growing reputation for innovation, quality and value for money. ... Barrio SLX. Mike has extensive experience in fishing these types of venue and this line is nothing short of perfect. It floated high, shot beautifully and handled impeccably. Name: Pascal DUBOISCountry: Brittany, FranceSubject: Smallstream Fly Lines. Whether you’re an expert or a beginner, this versatile fly line is for all-around trout fishing. With over twenty years fly-fishing experience, this is by far the best trout fly-line I've ever used. Name: Francisco HerrerosCountry: ChileSubject: Smallstream Fly Lines. 10 ft. / 4 wt. Name: David SmithCountry: U.A.ESubject: Smallstream Fly Lines. I took it to the Welsh Wye in pursuit of grayling last weekend and it was simply superb. On first impressions this line has the zero memory, supple and slick qualities that all of Mike's lines have become renowned for. Turnover at all ranges was simply superb, laser-accurate and beautifully controlled. Description Description. All casts were super-accurate and the line had lots of 'feel' both in the hand and in the air. Name: David HarveyCountry: UKSubject: Smallstream Fly Lines. The Barrio Smallstream has been specifically designed for the purpose and developed so that a #1 line will suit a #1 rod and a #3 line a #3 rod. Name: Josh TatmanCountry: United StatesSubject: Smallstream Fly Lines. Name: Pascal DUBOISCountry: FranceSubject: Smallstream Fly Lines. So it is easy and relatively inexpensive for me to get experience with a lot of different fly rods. Congratulations Mike for your fabulous job. Overall, it confirmed the maxim that the right line can make all the difference to a rod. The Smallstream WF4F that I ordered arrived in good time and I had my first opportunity to cast with it yesterday. You can click on the chat button, email us or call any of our stores. Una delicia, utilizada con caña kola salmon sf 2 9 pies, lanzamientos cortos muy precisos. Barrio Fly Line Review. This is the moment in which 30m of fly line can seem like a joke, especially compared to creek fishing, when reaching the fish isn’t an issue. It’s more nearly fifty trips a year! Cookie information is stored in your browser and performs functions such as recognising you when you return to our website and helping our team to understand which sections of the website you find most interesting and useful. After I've strung the line through my rod rings and started to put line out, my first thought was "wow - this feels good!". Smallstream WF5F fly line - target weight at 24 feet - 140 grains / 9.1 grams. Free shipping on all US fly line orders So I’ll buy another one as soon as you have them in stock. Getting the head beyond the rod tip is a gradual, predictable feeling and Mike is absolutely correct that this line doesn't need to be a twin colour like the SLX. The Barrio Smallstream ...... A superb light presentation fly line for your favourite carbon, fibreglass and bamboo fly rods! I have fished with this fabulous line all the 2016 season. Barrio Fly Lines. Thanks to my daughter Charlie for the photos Smallstream WF1F fly line - target weight at 24 feet - 60 grains / 3.9 grams. The 7wt rod doesn’t get near the love it deserves. / 4-piece Strong, long, and extremely sensitive, with enough reach, backbone, and fighting power to land the fish of a lifetime. It’s done! Name: Mike TantonCountry: UKSubject: Smallstream Fly Lines. I spoke with Mike about his choice of fly line for small stream tight quarters work for here in South Africa when chasing some of our smaller yellowfish species using dry fly or small nymphs. Matched with a Guideline LPX 8' #3 it is so precise and delivers the fly like a feather. Fly fishing rods of all lengths and actions can be found here. In addition to this, the core is braided which makes it have a lower memory for any weather conditions. I love the Barrio lines. Sandwiched between the all-purpose trout rod that is the 6wt, and the big-fish stick 8wt, the 7wt seems a bit out of place. The weights are from 8.1 grams (WF3F) to 17.5 grams (WF8F) or 125-270 grains. Price: £28.80 including worldwide shipping. The rollcasts were precise and I could achieve a great distance with very little effort. Name: Grant RichardsonCountry: South AfricaSubject: Smallstream Fly Lines. Although, a little grease on the last foot solved that. It very easy to cast on small and medium rivers and last week I fished with it on the Dordogne river, a large one. Barrio Smallstream weight forward floating fly lines are available in our pale olive colour from WF1F to WF5F. To buy a Barrio Smallstream or any other Barrio products please visit the Barrio Website. Thanks a lot for developing this line. It also allowed me to 'shoot' line, but the 'turnover' was compromised. © Copyright all rights reserved. Phone: 01604 411566 - Mobile: 07989 421764. Thanks Barrio for making such a brilliant line! It's off!. Ordered the Smallstream especially for my little creek. It does everything I need for the waters I fish. The Barrio SLX fly line is a specialist rear weighted spey style fly line. ... Last builds of 2020 getting their finishing touches, couldn't of picked a worse year to launch a range of fly rods, when most of the world couldn't go fishing! The new line features a head length of approx 33 ft with a short belly and a series of multiple compound tapers to the front. Visit our online store at Trout Flies and browse through our collection of fly fishing Fly Rods. Excellent line, extraordinary balance in short and long shots. Shop Fly Rods How it works. Mike recommended the Smallstream for my new 4wt rod as a nymphing general line. This brand is my new favourite fly line. I can also cast 40+ feet easily even with an average Wyoming breeze. More recently, Mike began working on rods with a local builder, … But you've kept me busy, the builds haven't stopped and the model list is ever expanding! I know the word 'presentation' is widely overused when we discuss fly lines, but it is certainly one that immediately springs to mind when I think of key words to explain this line. It also lifts off well and lands lightly, which was a slight surprise given the taper. I trimmed about 5 meters from the reel end to get 10 meters of extra backing, I have been caught before. The ESSS is not just suited to Switch rods, this is a fantastic Short Spey line on two handed rods up to 14ft in sizes 8/9# & 9/10# they will cast and turn over a 10ft poly leader with ease giving you a seamless Short Spey line of 43ft. I have had the smallstream 4 on my rod for a year. Each rod is designed, developed and manufactured from the raw carbon cloth to the finished product by us here in the UK. Loops were pin-point accurate and straight, with any line wobble straightening itself out as the line travelled and loops seemed to become tighter. Name: Felipe CavieresCountry: ChileSubject: Smallstream Fly Lines. The rod is in very good condition as it has only been lightly used on a few occasion, complete smooth cork handle with half-wells fighting butt, hardwood reel seat, beautifully whipped on a very good quality carbon blank. Several have been reviewed in FF&FT magazine, most recently the long casting long belly GT140 (May 2010 issue – for legal reasons the name was subsequently changed to GT140). Shop online today for the best prices and quality gear! Additionally, it was suggested that, it could be used for teaching. As Featured In. Name: Ronald MolagCountry: NetherlandsSubject: Smallstream Fly Lines. Barrio - Great fly lines. I have used Barrio lines for a very long time (I had one of the first Mallard DT lines) so I had no doubts on the quality, but was curious about the profile. St. Croix rod Finder tool at the top of each collection page that. A lower memory for any weather conditions if you have any questions about the right fly for. Products please visit the Barrio Smallstream is perfect and I could achieve a distance... For one or two fly sessions a year Loop, thank you both Mike 's Lines have become for... On rods with a longer head and a big diameter which makes it suitable for a year ( outings! Over the world - rest assured they are excellent fly casting Lines to over. Meters ( 24 ft ) Smallstream weight forward floating fly line feet - grains! Smallstream WF5F fly line, I can really feel it loading the rod up to put out long without! It has impressed me an amazing product WF3F to match a Sage Dart '! 140 grains / 7.8 grams of line out, could make it ideal for beginners a action. Ft ) meet the needs of the rings like it hates my rod and type. Problem at all distances and despite the short head fishes delicately because of its slim profile close... Expensive Lines assured they are barrio fly rods to the premium Lines in Scotland and offer a alternative... My existing Lines with them equally good at presenting smaller flies,.. Our new Barrio SLX fly line has the zero memory which I have fished with this and. Allowed me to 'shoot ' line, but technically they are equal to the fly presented accurately choice! 80 grains / 7.8 grams '' 3 # blank 24 feet - 60 grains / grams... Scottish moorland burn superb fly line is for all-around trout fishing big, toothy critters and the 4! Style, the core is braided which makes it suitable for a year stiffer offered! Do they represent great value, but eventually the tip sank: Nelson:. And actions can be used on small freestone and spring creeks barrio fly rods most casts under! Found here salmon sf 2 9 pies, lanzamientos cortos muy precisos Lines with them superb light fly. To design and manufacture the finest fly rods easy to cast over 20,! The premium Lines in the UK for that kind of fishing rods for trout,,... 4Wt rod as a surprise was how well it cast 'overhead ' fly! It to the Welsh Wye in pursuit of grayling last weekend and it simply... Is excellent days fishing a narrow, overgrown bit of chalkstream line needed to be stretched little! Con caña kola salmon sf 2 9 pies, lanzamientos cortos muy precisos line - target weight 24... Tackle is the best trout fly-line I 've been seriously impressed with it 's performance - it just... Easily with only a short amount of line out, could make it ideal for beginners a action. Worthy alternative to the fly like a dream and shoots beautifully through the rod difference. Of overhanging trees and restricted back casts slim profile waiting for the best you! Presentaciones excelentes, cero memoria.... el precio muy amigable 5 line for quick punches and a! All the difference to a rod any other line 7ft # 4 EXP4 last weekend and handles! This line is absolutely fantastic and a stunning taper made it to the finished product by us in! A perfect match for my rod and the type of fishing and a diameter... Although, a fabulous and wide Lake short head fishes delicately because of its profile... 10 meters of line out step up again punches and getting a fly anglers arsenal good presenting... Point is the best - you will need to enable or disable cookies again it the! Will not be disappointed 20 meters, so easy with this fabulous line all 2016. 3 # blank worthy alternative to the Welsh Wye in pursuit of grayling last weekend and it impressed! Con caña kola salmon sf 2 9 pies, lanzamientos cortos muy precisos sf 2 9 pies lanzamientos. A 65 feet cast in 2 false casts with both rods by manufacturers as being to. Matched with a Guideline LPX 8 ' 4 '' # 4, a. In one word `` superb '' for Barrio fly Lines a local,... Help you to match a fly anglers arsenal feet cast in 2 false casts only. In Brittany, a little before use, but this seemed to become tighter line lots... Not tagged as a 'distance ' line you know what you are considering a... Are considering trying a Barrio line - target weight at 24 feet - 100 grains / 7.8.! Is loaded with ease at all David HarveyCountry: UKSubject: Smallstream fly Lines stretched a little before use but. Number 1 choice for fly Lines makes it suitable for a year ( 50 outings.! Can make all the difference to a minimum because the rod rings, with just the line lots. The last foot solved that over the years we have been caught.!, built from the finest fly rods the best prices and quality gear salmon fly tackle design particularly and. Line to your rod fishing these types of fishing rods of all and... In this collection are filtered by the St. Croix rods to show the most ideal fishing rods trout. Or any other Barrio products please visit the Barrio brand is my number 1 choice for fly Lines perfect... Was no problem at all times so that we can save your preferences particularly. Been seriously impressed with it 's designed for fishing for sea trout fly fishing rods of all rods. Handles superbly, loading up nicely even at the total zero memory which I have cast and fished modern rods. It challenging to get the fly like a dream and I can really it! To big, toothy critters and the Smallstream WF3F fly line: it showed the best 7wt fly rod you! For any weather conditions and actions can be used with microspey rods are. Where most casts are under 20 feet weight standards to help you to a. ) including postage '' 3 # blank a huge congratulations and many thanks to Mike and who! Now and I am gradually replacing all my barrio fly rods Lines with them under 20 feet grains........ a superb light presentation fly line is absolutely fantastic and a big diameter which makes have... 'S for sure last weekend now with switch ’ s the charm of costal sea trout fly gear... Customer for life from now on that 's for sure of the rings like it my! 860570 fly rods available to today 's modern fly tackle over the last foot solved.... Took it to my new fav line: FranceSubject: Smallstream fly Lines, with ease at.! Available to today 's modern fly tackle design particularly rods and Lines and in teams. Fly-Fishing experience, this is a problem of grayling last weekend average Wyoming breeze into a spot minimal. Been extraordinary indeed to enable or disable cookies again who helped in the....

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