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Winter 2013 in Idaho

Enjoy some of my favorite shots of Southern Idaho, Winter 2013.  All taken with my iPhone 4S, some with an Instagram twist.  Find me on Instagram at @angelabdesign.

It’s funny now…  at the beginning of this winter I didn’t think I’d have any good photos for a blog post.  Winters in our part of Idaho can be dry, cold, and dull.  But this year the snow, fog, freezing fog, and art-filled skies made for a gorgeous winter.

Way to Snow #Idaho via Angela Bowman of

We got quite a bit of snow this year.  This day was especially picturesque.

Winter 2013 Mailbox

And can I just say that I love my neighbors with snowplows?

Winter 2013 Snow Plow

It was hard to capture with the camera, but the flakes were ginormous.

Winter 2013 House

A sad day, felt all the way across the country. I cried watching the news about the shootings in Newton, CT. Emotional day for me, picking up my girl from kindergarten. I’m not telling her about the evil in this world just yet.

Winter 2013 Flag

On a lighter note, cloud stripes 🙂

Winter 2013 Cloud Stripes

And snowflake stars.

Winter 2013 Star Snowflakes

We saw our fair share of fog in Meridian, Idaho.  Here are some fog shots from around our neighborhood.

Winter 2013 Foggy Road

Winter 2013 Foggy Trees Fence

Winter 2013 Foggy Road to Nowhere

And then the fog froze. Fog + zero degrees = beautiful.  Here are some pics from our yard.

Winter 2013 Frosty Table

Winter 2013 Frosty Evergreen

Winter 2013 Frosty Maple

Winter 2013 Frosty Maple Seed

Winter 2013 Frosty Tree Blue Sky

Earlier this winter we traveled to Twin Falls so our son could go pheasant hunting with Granddad.  I love the part of the drive when we see the windfarm near Bliss.

Winter 2013 Windfarm

Then in Twin Falls we got to see one of the most gorgeous sunsets I have ever seen.  This one is from my parents’ backyard.

Winter 2013 Sunset Birdhouse

And the obligatory wagon wheel arch picture out front.  No filter, folks.

Winter 2013 Sunset Wagon Wheel

No filter.

Winter 2013 Sunset Stoplights


Winter 2013 Sunset

Ok, now back at my place in Meridian.  A lone clematis bloom in my backyard.  I found this so inspiring.  Beauty can survive in the harshest of places.

Winter 2013 Lone Clematis Bloom

Taken before we got any snow, this pic shows the Boise foothills getting a light dusting.  Love the clouds.

Winter 2013 Clouds

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