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Spring 2013 in Idaho

Enjoy some of my favorite shots of Southern Idaho, Spring 2013.  All taken with my iPhone 4S, some with an Instagram twist.  Find me on Instagram at @angelabdesign.

Spring: definitely my favorite time of year.  Nature just seems to wake up in such a beautiful way in Idaho.

Really, it’s amazing how well this little iPhone can capture Mother Nature.  Here’s a closeup of my lenten rose.

Spring 2013 in #Idaho - Lenten Rose via Angela Bowman of

Here’s another lenten rose.  Love this purple.

Spring 2013 in #Idaho - Lenten Rose Purple via Angela Bowman of

Little lady bug likes the lenten roses, too.

Spring 2013 in #Idaho - Ladybug via Angela Bowman of

The weird beginnings of a bleeding heart, one of my favorite plants.

Spring 2013 in #Idaho - Bleeding Heart Beginnings via Angela Bowman of

Clouds and a chocolate field, about a mile from my house.  Every single time I pass by this field, I think of a big square of chocolate.

Spring 2013 in #Idaho - Chocolate Field via Angela Bowman of

A gorgeous Idaho sunset.

Spring 2013 in #Idaho - Sunset via Angela Bowman of

My Chloe flying a kite at Grandma and Granddad’s in Twin Falls.

Spring 2013 in #Idaho - Kite and Ponytail via Angela Bowman of

The new Chobani plant right by my folks’ place in Twin.  What a facility!  And it’s by a chocolate field 🙂

Spring 2013 in #Idaho - Chobani Plant via Angela Bowman of

And there it is, the first bleeding heart of the season.  Perfect.

Spring 2013 in #Idaho - First Bleeding Heart via Angela Bowman of

Hashtag in Nature.  I see stuff.

Spring 2013 in #Idaho - Hashtag in Nature via Angela Bowman of

A sweet couple walking under a sweet sky of clouds.  Boise Foothills backdrop.

Spring 2013 in #Idaho - Clouds and Couple via Angela Bowman of

A bee lovin’ on my flowering plum tree.

Spring 2013 in #Idaho - Bee and Bloom via Angela Bowman of

More bleeding hearts!  I’m sorry, but it’s just hard for me to fathom a plant like this exists.

Spring 2013 in #Idaho - Bleeding Hearts via Angela Bowman of

This is a closeup of…..

Spring 2013 in #Idaho - Clematis Closeup via Angela Bowman of

this, which is a closeup of….

Spring 2013 in #Idaho - Clematis Bloom via Angela Bowman of

this clematis.  Such a beautiful creeper.  It didn’t bloom as much as last year, maybe because of the super-cold winter we had.

Spring 2013 in #Idaho - Clematis via Angela Bowman of

Jacob’s Ladder.  If you want a plant that comes back year after year, spreads into new plants, and love a sports team with the colors purple and yellow – this is a must-have.

Spring 2013 in #Idaho - Jacob's Ladder via Angela Bowman of

This peony isn’t the most stunning of blooms, but I was stoked about it.  This is the first time it has bloomed since I planted it 5 years ago! Every time I see it I break out into my best Mother Gothel voice: Flower, Gleam and Glow….

Spring 2013 in #Idaho - Peony via Angela Bowman of

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