Sewing Project Roundups

I am picky when it comes to projects.  If I’m spending my valuable time making something, and have some pretty awesome fabric, the project needs to be stellar.  Whenever I want to make something, I scour the internet, my books, and my magazine stash for potential projects.  I’m a natural curator, and these roundups are compilations of my favorite projects.

Remember, rather than paying too much for a mass-produced item, you are choosing to create something truly unique and meaningful, possibly an heirloom to pass on to your loved ones.  Whether you’re making one of my projects or any other project, you’ll need some ideas of what to make.  Have fun!

Sewing Project Roundups

Are your favorites not listed?  Leave a comment on one of the posts below to share your favorite projects.


Sewing for 18-inch Dolls - a Sewing Project Roundup by Angela Bowman of www.AngelaB.meHow to Make a Card Holder - a Sewing Project Roundup via www.AngelaB.meHow to Make a Pillowcase, a #sewing #tutorial roundup by Angela Bowman of www.AngelaB.meHow To Make an Apron - a Sewing Project by Angela Bowman of www.AngelaB.meHow To Make a Girls SkirtHow To Make a HandbagHow To Make a Sewing Machine CoverHow To Make a Checkbook CoverHow To Make a Laptop CaseHow To Make a ValanceHow To Make a LabelHow To Make a Toiletry Bag


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