Sewing and Craft Supplies, Organized!

All my sewing and craft supplies are now in one place!  Yes, it’s in the garage, but it’s way better than having everything scattered around my house in 3 or 4 different rooms.  I don’t have a dedicated crafting room to store all this stuff, so the garage it is.  Can you tell that bankers boxes and plastic bins are my friends?

My Organized Craft Stash

Mmm hmm, kettlebell workouts happen here, too.

Shared Space With Kettlebells

I gathered various sizes of plastic bins, as well as bankers boxes, and filled them with all my stuff: fabric, lining, interfacing, books, magazines, patterns, and supplies.  Blue painters tape and a black sharpie made great labels – if I want to switch things up, I can easily peel them off and re-do them.  By the way, the kettlebell workout list is my hubby’s, not mine.  There’s no way I could manage #18 Crush Pushup.

Flannel And Kettlebell Workout

I got the bankers boxes from an office supply store.  The standard size works so well with the shelving.

Bankers Boxes

And I can fit a ton of patterns in those things! Two columns fit in there very nicely.

Patterns In Bankers Box

Some of my fabric stash: Specialty, Home Dec, and Felt. It’s so nice to have them organized like that. Before, I had them randomly stacked in my bedroom closet.

Fabric Bins

No, I’m not really an organization freak, but I am one of those who find it hard to focus on anything (especially a creative pursuit) if my physical space is cluttered. Visible clutter makes me anxious, so tackling this organization project feels SO good. Now I feel like I can actually be creative with these materials!


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