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27 February

I am picky when it comes to getting things accomplished.  If I’m spending my valuable time doing something, I want to do it in a smart way.  I scour the internet, my books, and my magazine stash for potential resources.  I’m a natural curator, and these roundups are compilations of my favorite resources.

Here you go!

Resource Roundups by Angela Bowman of

Are your favorites not listed?  Leave a comment on one of the posts below to share your favorite projects.


Teaching Kids to Sew - a Resource Roundup by Angela Bowman of

One Response to “Resource Roundups”

  1. Cyndi Hight 04/14/2014 at 6:25 pm #

    I am desparately trying to make a specific top treatment but after a dozen attempts i can not figure the pattern out. if i sent you a picture , could i get some guidance please? i am stumped and can not find a pattern ! THANK YOU SO MUCH !!!! Cyndi Hight

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