Rapunzel Chloe

Rapunzel Front

You know my Rapunzel Costume post?  Well here’s the outcome.  I really waited until the last minute, but it turned out pretty cute I must say.  And Chloe felt like a princess for sure.  I changed up the colors a little (I like the deeper old school Rapunzel purple, not lavender hues) and I didn’t fuss with the sheer long sleeves or an overskirt.  I had visions of any sheer fabrics getting ripped or snagged.  If I had enough of the lace, I would have added it to the bottom of the dress, too…

Rapunzel Back

Isn’t that wig to die for?

Rapunzel Closeup

Here’s a closeup of her spacey-eyed look.  Those are her real bangs peeking out from under the wig – the same color!  For the laced-up ribbon in front, the Simplicity 2065 pattern called for eyelets.  That sounded too complicated, plus I couldn’t find an eyelet-maker anywhere.  So I just laced up a large needle and weaved it right in.

Rapunzel and Red

We ran into one of her best friends, so they went trick-or-treating together.  Aren’t they sweet?  Rapunzel and Red Riding Hood.

Halloween 2011


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