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Rainbow Birthday Party

I saw these rainbow cupcakes on Pinterest and just HAD to make them.  A rainbow theme for my daughter’s birthday party, it is!

I made the cupcakes from a yellow cake mix, topped with whipped white frosting from a can, lightly sprayed with Wilton blue food color spray (via Hobby Lobby), applied aerosol cupcake icing for the clouds, then cut-up pieces of Air Heads Xtremes Rainbow Berry Sour Candy slices for the rainbows. Easy.

Rainbow Birthday Party Cupcakes

I made little Pot O’ Gold party favors, also inspired by Pinterest.  Check out my Rainbow Party Pinterest board for the how-to’s.

Rainbow Birthday Party Favors

Whenever I’ve thrown a kid’s birthday party, it seems like the food never gets touched.  So I’ve learned my lesson to not go overboard with food.  A rainbow fruit plate was just the ticket.  We also made the colored ice cubes in Sprite idea from the Pinterest board.  The kids loved both.

Rainbow Birthday Party Fruit Tray

For a party game, we had a scavenger hunt.  We got various trinkets and candy, took a photo of each guest’s lot, hid it in 3 rooms of our house, inserted a print-out of each photo into a bag for each kid, then turned them loose.  The girls got special purses that I made myself.  The boys got a boring store-bought bag.  Sorry, boys…I just didn’t think you’d be into a ruffle-top purse 🙂

They absolutely LOVED this game.  Since they’re too young to read, the photos worked perfectly.  The biggest hits were the finger lights, the blow bubbles, and the parachute men.

Rainbow Birthday Party Scavenger Hunt

After the scavenger hunt, it was present-opening mania.  This has always been the most stressful part of my kid’s birthday parties.  I’m just obsessed with them having good manners: opening the card first, actually reading the card, opening the gift, then making eye contact with the gift-giver and saying an authentic thank you.  Well, it never goes like that.  It’s always a rush, a mad dash for whose present gets opened first, lots of grabbing and ripping by all, cards missed, and very quick words of thanks before moving on to the next gift.  I always feel like the gift police, enforcing manners.  I know it’s probably just her age…it was better than last year, after all.  And I think it’s one of those Mom Needs To Take A Chill Pill moments.

Rainbow Birthday Party Presents

This little boy melts my heart.  His mom told me all about how he hand-picked the card, gift, and wrapping paper for my girl.  Such a sweetheart.  And a cutie.

Rainbow Birthday Party Special Gift

Birthday candle blow-out time 🙂

Rainbow Birthday Party Cake

And here are the birthday divas, with their purses and scavenger hunt items all found.

Rainbow Birthday Party Girls

And the boys.  This is their “be cool” pose.

Rainbow Birthday Party Boys

FYI, balloon plus paper plate taped to a huge popsicle stick = fun.  For a long time.  Whew.

Rainbow Birthday Party Balloons



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