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Quip – My Favorite Tool for Writing

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What’s Quip?  It’s a modern word processor that works great on my laptop, tablet, and even my phone.  I first heard about Quip in 2013, probably from a tech blog article.  I went to, read Quip’s About Us page, and saw that their founding team worked at Google and Facebook.  I signed up and started using it to start up a non-profit, the Boise Modern Quilt Guild.  Soon afterwards the Quip team reached out to me, asking how I liked Quip and if I had any feedback.  I happily replied, since I came to love the product.  By the way, Quip team member Josh rocks!  Such a friendly and approachable guy.  Anyway, a few months later I’m sitting here writing a Quip guest post 🙂

When I need to collaborate with someone on a document, Quip is the place I go.  I can share documents and folders so we can edit and brainstorm together in a simple workspace, and we can see a complete history of our revisions and comments. I also like to use Quip on my own.  It’s a simple and fresh app that’s a joy to use.

Check out my guest post on the Quip Blog: Starting a non-profit, organizing a school curriculum and more, all using Quip.  I share how we use it to collaborate at the Boise Modern Quilt Guild, and how I use it for homeschool organization, writing sewing patterns, and book writing.

Thanks, Quip folks, for an awesome free product!

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