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How to Make a Platform Planner

Platform Planner

Building an online platform is a great way to share your message.  Whether it’s a blog, video log, podcast, or even an event; a platform can effectively bring your area of focus to the rest of the world.

But creating focused content can be a challenge.

With all the tools, books, and events that are available to help you, it’s easy to get disorganized and overwhelmed.

And then there’s social media. It may serve as a powerful channel, but it can also be a severe distraction from the true focus of your home base platform.

What if there was a simple way to organize, focus, and keep track of what’s important on your platform?

I can help.  I’ve made the Platform Planner for you.  It’s a series of free printable worksheets that help you:

  • identify your goals and tactics to accomplish them
  • draft a one-page visual business plan
  • generate a strategic plan & roadmap
  • track analytics
  • develop an editorial calendar
  • organize your platform categories & posts with post-it notes
  • and more

The Platform Planner is a combination of a day planner, a business plan, a strategic plan, and a marketing plan – for your platform.

Just read the series posts and print the worksheets you want, putting them in a composition book or binder.  Sometimes it’s just better to plan on paper, isn’t it?

Download the free PDF that has all of the printable worksheets, or click each post individually to learn more. Enjoy!

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Here’s how Angela uses the Platform Planner:

A wife and a mother of two, Angela is super-busy.  She recently started a blog.  She has a fairly good idea of what her strengths are, knows what she’s passionate about, would like to possibly turn her platform into a business that could help support her family.  But she’s having some problems:

She’s aimless.  She’s been spending quite a bit of time writing and publishing blog posts, but is having a hard time finding her voice and her blog’s purpose.

She’s overwhelmed.  With all the tools she uses to launch and maintain her blog, she’s having a hard time keeping track of all the usernames and passwords.  And tracking her blog’s performance?  She barely has time to publish blog posts, let alone track analytics!

She’s distracted.  She uses and loves social media.  But it seems like she’s spending too much time on these channels when she could be focusing on her blog instead.

She searched online and found the Platform Planner.  She printed the worksheets, glued them into a composition book, and carries it in her purse.

Now she’s purposeful.  By completing the Platform Planner, she connected her strengths and passions to what people want.  Now she has a clear mission statement and a vision of where her blog is headed.  Filling out the one-page visual business plan and the strategic plan & roadmap was so easy – she just wishes she found this sooner!

Now she’s organized.  With the editorial calendar, analytics, and content planning worksheets, she has never felt more organized.  She LOVES writing post ideas on small post-it notes that are color-coded by her blog categories, and placing them in the weekly editorial calendar.  Genius!  And actually fun 🙂

Now she’s focused.  Before she had the Platform Planner, it was only too easy to get lost in the social media vortex and commit to events that she was leary to spend time on.  Now it’s easy for her to say “No” to things she now knows aren’t related to her goals.

Now that Angela uses the Platform Planner, her husband is considering using it at his work.  And now they’re thinking that their teenage son would like to use it to launch his vlog…

Platform Planner Infographic


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I'm passionate about creativity, productivity, and business. I'm a planner at heart, a small town girl, a wife and mom of two. I LOVE to make things with my own two hands.

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