Platform Planner – Feature Your Best Themed Posts in a Series [Printable Worksheet]

05 February

This is part of the Platform Planner series.  Check out the other posts!

Platform Planner Series

Do you have a collection of posts that you consider your “Greatest Hits”?  Do some posts revolve around the same theme, like a kit or a guide?

Put these themed posts in a platform series!  Whether it’s in the form of a video playlist or a blog post that lists out your related posts, arranging your ideas into a series is a great way to tie your content together.

It provides a valuable resource to your readers and creates somewhat of an event that they actually look forward to.  If you have a lengthy post, consider breaking it up into a series, making it easier for your audience to consume.

This step of the Platform Planner series will help you track ideas for a platform series.

  1. Print this worksheet: Platform Series
  2. Cut out the blank margins and glue to page 27 of your comp book.
  3. Write in your ideas for Series Names, URL structure, Media, and Category.

Now you have a tool to capture your “Greatest Hits”!  As you think of post ideas for your series, you’ll be writing those onto sticky notes, later on in this series.

This is part of the Platform Planner series.  Check out the other posts!


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