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Platform Planner – Ask Yourself: How Can I Help People? [Printable Worksheet]

This is part of the Platform Planner series.  Check out the other posts!

Platform Planner How Can I Help People


To make a living and provide for you and your family, you need to make money somehow.  That means getting a job or working for yourself.  If you want to work for yourself, it can be hard to figure out what product or service to sell.

The answer is to ask yourself: How Can I Help People?  When you identify how you can help people, you are identifying your unique value.  And when you identify your unique value, discovering the products and services that you can offer will be much easier.

A great way to discover how you can best help others is to find out where these 3 areas intersect:

  • Your top strengths
  • What you love to do
  • What people want

This step of the Platform Planner series will help you bring it all together.

  1. Print this worksheet: How Can I Help People
  2. Cut out the blank margins and glue to page 14 of your comp book.
  3. Write in your top 5 strengths you identified in the Focus On Your Strengths post.
  4. Write down the things that you love to do.  You know, all those things that bring you joy.  Imagine talking to a complete stranger at a party for over an hour because you both had the same interest in __________.  Fill in the blank and write those down.
  5. Read the circle that identifies what people want.  I found this snippet of information while reading Chris Guillebeau’s book The $100 Startup.  It’s such a helpful and inspiring little bit of information, I couldn’t help but want to make a cheat sheet out of it.
  6. As you identify how these 3 areas intersect, write them at the bottom of the page.

The next time you need to develop or innovate a product or service, look back on this worksheet you completed – it’s a powerful yet simple product design tool.

This is part of the Platform Planner series.  Check out the other posts!


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