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Platform Planner – A Post-It Note Legend of Your Categories [Printable Worksheet]

This is part of the Platform Planner series.  Check out the other posts!

Platform Planner Categories

We commonly use categories in our platforms.  Whether in blogs, vlogs, podcasts, or conferences, keeping our content organized by topic helps us maintain focus while helping readers consume the content they’re interested in.

But having too many categories can be a bad thing.  Our natural channel capacity limit is 7, per Malcolm Gladwell in his book The Tipping PointWe can handle only so much information at once, and once we pass a certain threshold, we become overwhelmed and tune out.

To prevent your audience from tuning you out, you need to have simple category structure.  No more than 7, yo!

This step of the Platform Planner series will help you simplify your platform categories in the form of a Post-It note legend.

  1. Print this worksheet: Platform Categories
  2. Cut out the blank margins and glue to page 26 of your comp book.  Yes, page 26.  We skipped some pages that will be filled in later on.  Don’t worry, it’ll make sense later.
  3. Gather some Post-It notes (the 2-inch size) and decide on a color for each category.
  4. Place one of each color on your worksheet and write in the category names.

There!  You now have a simple and focused category structure.  Be sure you have quite a bit of sticky notes in each color – you’ll be using them in your content planning later on in this series.

This is part of the Platform Planner series.  Check out the other posts!


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