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Platform Planner – The 140-Character Mission Statement [Printable Worksheet]

This is part of the Platform Planner series.  Check out the other posts!

Platform Planner 140 Character Mission Statement

Writing a clear mission statement is a great way to clarify your purpose and to provide focus to everything you do.  But writing a mission statement can seem like a daunting process.  What should a mission statement include and how do you write one that doesn’t sound stuffy?

Consider writing a 140-Character Mission statement.  Chris Guillebeau came up with this nifty idea.  Combine your value and the people who pay for it, emphasizing the emotional benefit to the customer.  Write that combination in 140 characters or less.  This Twitter-sized constraint is a great way to explain your business in a very simple way.

Which hospital mission statement sounds better to you?

We are a hospital company committed to meeting the standards of clients as an owner, manager, consultant or partner through innovated services that enhance the delivery of quality healthcare.


We improve the health of the people in our region.

I don’t know about you, but I’m all for the second one.  Enough corporate-speak, people!

This step of the Platform Planner series will help you write your own 140-Character Mission Statement.

  1. Print this worksheet: The 140-Character Mission Statement
  2. Cut out the blank margins and glue to page 15 of your comp book.
  3. Read the prompts at the top, and jot down your ideas.  Having already answered the question How Can I Help People  has really helped you come up with ideas, hasn’t it?
  4. As you finalize your mission statement, write it at the bottom of the page.  You’ll be using it later for your Simple Strategic Plan and Roadmap.
  5. If you’d like to see some sample 140-Character Mission Statements, see pages 105, 270, and 271 of The $100 Startup by Chris Guillebeau.  For more info, read my Review of the $100 Startup.

So what’s your 140-Character Mission Statement?

This is part of the Platform Planner series.  Check out the other posts!


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Thanks for this! It helps me be concise when writing…I always get too verbose and try to over explain.

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