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Spring Break 2012

We finally had a spring break vacation! This was our first California beach experience, and we LOVED it. Whenever we said the word “California”, we said it like Arnold Schwarzenegger: CahleeFORneeah. Fun.

2012 Shells

We stayed in a beach cottage on Coronado Beach. ¬†This is the ocean view from my bedroom. Wow. We were on the North Shore Naval Air Station, and pretty much had the beach to ourselves. SO NICE to not have tons of people around. It was like our own private beach. Don’t hate me.

Bedroom View Beach

We spent most of the week on the beach. I probably had a grand total of 6 hours without any sand on my toes ūüôā

My son Chandler especially loved the ocean – he wouldn’t leave the water for very long. ¬†I love these shots of him with my niece Natalie. They are 3 months apart in age. ¬†We don’t see Natalie too often, and I was floored by how she’s turning into a young woman.

12 Year Old Cousins

We spent an afternoon in Old Town San Diego, eating lunch at Cafe Coyote and roaming the shops. Cafe Coyote’s homemade tortillas were to die for, and we enjoyed the mariachi guys singing to us at our table. ¬†The Immaculate Conception Church was just gorgeous, and the nearby El Campo Cemetery was pretty eerie, with its old wooden crosses and twisted trees.

Old Town San Diego

Point Loma was another highlight of the trip, where went tidepooling. We saw TONS of hermit crabs, anemones, crabs, sea stars, and all kinds of beautiful shells. The views were just stunning, everywhere. We climbed on rocks of all kinds – we all felt like kids again, exploring everything. ¬†Along the way we came across Fort Rosecrans National Cemetery, and WOW, it was so moving to see all those grave markers right by the ocean. Thousands of sailors are buried there, some facing their wives’ burials. We didn’t know about this cemetery, and unexpectedly experiencing this site was very moving.

Check out my pirate son…complete with Pirates of the Caribbean medallion. I told him to not let the medallion touch the ocean water, lest we suffer the fate of the Black Pearl.

Point Loma

And there’s the USS Midway Museum in San Diego. My family has strong Navy ties – my dad was a Seabee, my husband was in Ops Intelligence, and my bro-in-law is a commander. As we toured the flight deck, the Top Gun theme was playing in my head. All kinds of planes, old and current, are parked on that deck. Pretty cool. Under deck, there were some flight simulator games, which were pretty dang fun.

USS Midway

Here are some snapshots of the dudes. I can’t get over my boy’s fedora…

The Dudes

Here’s Natalie on beach, with Coronado in the background. She and I were beachcombers, always on the lookout for pretty shells.

Natalie Beach

My kids, Chandler and Chloe. She loves being packed around like that. It’s Chandler’s take on Shrek packing around Fiona.

Chandler Chloe Beach

Rainbow on Coronado. The outpost is for the Navy lifeguards. Never felt so safe in my life.

Coronado Rainbow

This shot of my boy is really freaking me out. ¬†He’s twelve and turning into a man. Oy.

Chandler Shovel

Here’s Chandler again. Sunset at Coronado, no photo filter! He loved to drag all kinds of sea stuff around.

Chandler Night

I had no idea what this was, being a beach newbie. My sis Leslie told me it was kelp. Weird looking alien thing!


Being on the North Shore Naval Base, we saw all kinds of ships and aircraft. See the boat?

Chandler Boat

My niece and nephew in the sand, and my two boys (hubby and son) in the water.

Beach Pairs

My husband, enjoying the ocean, Point Loma in the background, and the Navy aircraft overhead.

BJ Beach

My beach feet. See the gold flecks in the sand? I was enamored.

Beach Feet

Me and my sis, just after sunset one night. Miss her so much. I enjoyed our family vacation together, sis!


We had an all-around great time, and can’t wait to do it again, hopefully next year.

My Perspective

Stop Using the R-word


Just beautiful. ¬†I am SO proud of my cousin Sara, who made this video. The inspiration behind it is my cousin Justin (Sara’s brother), who has Down syndrome.

This video supports the Spread the Word to End the Word campaign, an on-going initiative from Special Olympics and Best Buddies to eradicate the derogatory use of the word “retard(ed)” from everyday use and promote the inclusion and acceptance of people with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

This is by no means scientific, but here’s my best guess to gauge people’s inappropriate use of the R-word:

My Perspective

3 Regrets That I Am Preventing, Starting Now

No Regrets Girls

Wow, don’t those girls look happy? ¬†They are my lil’ sis, my lil’ cousin, and myself. ¬†And don’t we look free of regret? ¬†Of course, we were all super young in the early 80’s…what would we have to be regretful about? ¬†But think about it…if you left your life right now, would you have any regrets, or would you be as happy as these smiling little girls?

As I approach 40, and watch my parents age as well, I find myself thinking more and more about how we’re living our lives. ¬†What is truly important? ¬†Will I leave life with any regrets? ¬†Then I read an article one of my friends posted on her Facebook wall: Nurse reveals the top 5 regrets people make on their deathbed.

Three of those rang especially true for me:


Made By Me – A Gift To My Niece

Made By Me Contents

I have always been a hands-on girl. ¬†I love to make things. ¬†And guess what? ¬†My 12 year old niece is the same way! ¬†She’s almost a mini-version of myself, and so gift-giving for her is so easy and fun. ¬†A couple months ago when I saw this book, Made By Me by Jane Bull¬†by DK Publishing, I bought it right away, knowing it would be the perfect gift for my mini-me niece. ¬†This book is packed with cute projects, including the darling sewing basket on the front cover. ¬†So I thought I’d give her a little basket kit…


Sewing is Sexy, per Joyce Brothers

Sewing Is Sexy per Joyce Brothers

Um. Wow. ¬†Look what I found in my mom’s old sewing stuff.

This was on the inside cover of a Trevira pamphlet titled “How to Sew a Knit”.

There’s no date on it, but I’m thinking late 60’s early 70’s.

Your thoughts, ladies? ¬†Does sewing provide a sensual satisfaction? ¬†Not for me, but to each her own ūüėČ


The 4-Hour Workweek

The 4-Hour Workweek by Tim Ferriss

I read this book around 2008.  It completely changed my philosophy of working life.  The 4-Hour Workweek tells you how to create a roadmap to escape being overworked for little return.

To me, the key takeaway of this book is to work smart, not hard. ¬†And here we go…