Ombre Dyed T-shirt Halter #summerofjoann

17 June

I had such a blast making this ombre dyed t-shirt halter dress for my girl.

Ombre T-shirt Halter - by Angela Bowman of

Here’s another one I made in a different color.  Orange you dyeing to make this? 🙂

Well, you can with my free T-shirt Halter PDF pattern.  It’s a super-quick and super-cute tee refashion.  Don’t miss the doll-size instructions on the last page!

T-shirt Halter - a free #sewing PDF #tutorial by Angela Bowman of

The t-shirt began as a plain white tee, a hand-me-down from her big brother.  We had a blast dyeing it green with the help of Jo-Ann Fabric & Craft Stores.

Ombre T-shirt Halter - by Angela Bowman of #summerofjoann

I followed the instructions for Jo-Ann’s Go Green Ombre Dyed T-shirt.  This was the first time I’ve ever dyed fabric, so I was a little nervous, but it was really no big deal.

The plastic containers in the dye party pack already have all the dye inside – to prepare it, you simply add water to the fill line and shake it up.  The pack includes 5 containers – that’s enough for 10 shirts, people!

Ombre T-shirt - by Angela Bowman of

The pack also includes plastic gloves, which came in handy.  I didn’t think I would really need them since I would just be using the applicator and a paintbrush, but you need to touch the shirt every once in awhile, so use them!  My 6-year old girl and I set up our worktable in the garage, put one of daddy’s old t-shirts on, and we were ready.

Ombre T-shirt - by Angela Bowman of

Starting with damp t-shirts is the way to go.  Just follow the Go Green Ombre Dyed T-shirt directions.

Ombre T-shirt - by Angela Bowman of

I applied the dye, and my lil’ girl dragged it down with a wet paintbrush.  Worked like a charm.

I recommend applying half the bottle of dye all at once at the beginning, and then paint it down.  If you come back and apply more dye, let’s say mid-way down the shirt, the dye streaks are more visible and harder to blend.

Ombre T-shirt - by Angela Bowman of

She just kept dipping the paintbrush in water and dragged the dye down the shirt.  The ombre was an almost effortless result – so easy!  And she LOVED doing it.

Ombre T-shirt - by Angela Bowman of

We both made one and let them sit overnight to dry.  I think I like hers better than mine!

Ombre T-shirt - by Angela Bowman of

The next day we rinsed them under cool water to remove the excess dye, washed in the washing machine with hot water and a little detergent, then tumble dried. Then I refashioned the t-shirt into a halter with my free T-shirt Halter PDF pattern.

Ombre T-shirt Halter - by Angela Bowman of

Don’t miss Jo-Ann’s Cape Discovery catalog, full of kid-friendly crafts to keep your little ones busy this summer.

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