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My Girl in Scentsy Scent of the Month Video

That’s my girl in the video for Sugar & Spice, the Scentsy Scent of the Month for September 2013!

My blondie in the pink was supposed to be the “Sugar”, and the little fiery redhead is the “Spice”.

Scentsy Scent of the Month September 2013 - Sugar & Spice

Zach did an excellent job capturing such sweet moments.  He is SO good with little kids.  Thanks, Zach!

Scentsy Scent of the Month September 2013 - Sugar & Spice

Sara did a fabulous job making sure the girls had everything they needed to have a sweet time.  Sara is so good at visualizing the scene and making sure everything is arranged just right for the little actresses to be themselves and naturally shine.  Thanks so much, Sara!!!

Take a peek at the short and sweet video: Scentsy Scent of the Month, September 2013 – Sugar & Spice

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