A Mug Rug For The Graduate

28 May

My cousin Alexis graduated from Bishop Kelly High School this weekend.  It’s so weird, because she will forever be three years old in my mind’s eye.  I remember that she was absolutely fascinated with Disney’s The Lion King.  She would say “King” like “Kang” over and over in her sweet little voice.  Now she’s a beautiful young lady headed to my alma mater, Idaho State University.  Time flies.

For a graduation present, my husband picked up a mug from Hallmark that he thought was funny.  I wanted to make something for her, so I decided to sew a mug rug.  What is a mug rug?  Sort of a like a cross between a coaster and a placemat.

Mug Rug

The inspiration behind the Idaho State logo?  My old letterman jacket!  The collegiate style font for the I and the S made for pretty easy straight lines to cut out of fabric and applique.

Mug Rug Letterman Jacket

I tried to print out a couple letters, but my printer is on the fritz.  So I just drew it on regular notebook paper.

Mug Rug Paper Template

I cut out the shapes, then traced onto cardboard.  The bottom of Klondike Bars packaging worked perfectly 🙂

Mug Rug Cardboard Template

Then I outlined the shapes onto fabric and cut them out.  I used Tangerine Carrie from the Girl’s World Vibe fabric collection by Jennifer Paganelli.  I love this fabric, and how perfect that it is ISU orange!

Mug Rug Template Traced

I sewed on a black I, then a black S, then the orange S onto a creamy white cotton.  Just about 1/8″ seam.

Mug Rug IS

Then for the other side of the mug rug, I made a regular size quilt block.  I’ve had this book 1000 Great Quilt Blocks (That Patchwork Place) for awhile, but have never used it.  I wanted an 8- or 9- inch quilt block with an open square in the middle to serve as the spot for her mug.

Mug Rug Quilt Book

And so I found “King’s Crown” on page 49, via That Patchwork Place.  How perfect!  I found it and said in a little girl’s voice “Kang! Kang!”

Mug Rug Kings Crown

The mug rug is basically made like a little quilt: a pieced front, batting in the middle, backing, then binding.  Here’s a shot of the backing and binding.  I used Blanco Paula, again from Jennifer Paganelli’s Girl’s World Vibe collection.  It’s a funky little print that brought in some green to coordinate with the mug.

Mug Rug Back

And here we are, the mug fits perfectly.  To quilt, I just machine quilted straight lines here and there.  I wonder which side of the mug she’ll use most: study time or party time……?

Mug Rug In Action

Congratulations, Alexis Maria!

Mug Rug The Graduate

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  1. eileensideways 05/28/2012 at 1:52 pm #

    the mugrug is great. the lettering is very geometric and fits in very well. Love the fabric choice. Love the pic of your daughter. the photographic effect is striking.

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