Matching Skirts for Cousins

13 July

My little sis and her family stayed with us for a week this summer.  My tween niece Natalie loves to sew, maybe as much as her Aunt Angela, so we always like to make something during each of their visits.  Natalie wanted a silky skirt that she could wear for all types of things, but especially for her piano recitals.  Matching skirts for the blondie cousins, comin’ right up!

Matching Skirts for Cousins via Angela Bowman of

We went to Jo-Ann’s to shop for the fabric.  We started in the “silky” aisle, but then ended up in the sari section.  Natalie picked out a beautiful brocade that looks great on both the right and wrong side.  It’s called Turquoise Intricate Scroll.

Skirt Fabric Shopping with my Niece, via Angela Bowman of

We used a free pattern: The Circle Skirt Tutorial by Dana Willard of MADE.  I made Chloe’s skirt, then helped Natalie make her own.  Here she is doing the hemming.

Nice fabric choice, Natalie!

Matching Skirts for Cousins via Angela Bowman of

At the end of our uber-professional photoshoot with my garage door backdrop, Natalie scooped up my little Chloe.  The best pics happen naturally!

Matching Skirts for Cousins via Angela Bowman of


2 Responses to “Matching Skirts for Cousins”

  1. Lori 07/13/2013 at 12:45 pm #

    Great skirts, Angela! Awesome way for you, your niece and daughter to create great memories and share your passion of sewing. Good times.

    • Angela 07/13/2013 at 1:05 pm #

      Thanks Lori 🙂

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