How to Sew Modesty Shorts into a Skirt

Here’s a problem-solving free sewing PDF tutorial for all the moms out there who have active little girls.  Little girls with lots of priorities, and modesty isn’t necessarily high on that list.

How to Sew Modesty Shorts Into a Skirt via Angela Bowman of

Make a handmade skirt modest-friendly by sewing in a store-bought pair of leggings.  This is a perfect project for a little girl, but you can make it in any size.

My six year old girl has a ton of leggings.  They’re just so inexpensive, widely-available, and are great under skirts and dresses.  My girl also has a ton of skirts that I’ve made for her.  I can’t help it, there are just so many cute skirt patterns and tutorials out there!  Have you seen my post How to Make a Girl’s Skirt – a Sewing Project Roundup?  It’s part of my Sewing Project Roundup series 🙂

She is a very active girl, and loves to ride her bicycle. She likes to pick out her clothes to wear each day, and doesn’t necessarily match her clothes with her daily activity.

So I paired up some of her leggings with some handmade skirts.  It’s a win all-around: she can be as active as she wants, independently pick out her daily clothes, and my mind is at ease that her modesty is in check.

So get the free How to Sew Modesty Shorts Into a Skirt PDF, grab some leggings, choose your favorite skirt sewing pattern, and have fun!

The PDF is a 6-page document with photos and simple instructions.  Hope you enjoy it!

If you make one, link up your project online – I’d love to see what you make!

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4 replies on “How to Sew Modesty Shorts into a Skirt”

Thank you so much! I’m a Grandmother that loves sewing for my kiddos but need help with the latest fashions and colors. You not only have perfect tutorials but awesome ideas. Absolutely love the modesty shorts idea! I hope I can post some pictures soon! Keep up the good work!

Hi – a questions about the final step – “cut leggings” so no hemming required? Will they not fray if just left ? To scared to cut before checking 🙂

Hi Leanne! No hemming required! Just cut the leggings to the length you want. Since most leggings are made of jersey/knit, they won’t fray 🙂

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