How to Cross Stitch – a Sewing Technique Roundup

12 June

This is part of the Sewing Technique Roundup Series.  Check out the other posts!

Sewing Technique Roundup Cross Stitch

Want to learn how to cross stitch?  Wondering what’s the best way to start and stop your thread?
How many strands should you use?  Knot or not to knot?

Enjoy these techniques!  Have a favorite that’s not listed here?  Let me know in the comments!

A Counted Cross Stitch Tutorial by Alicia Paulson at Rosy Little Things

Cross Stitch Basics Tutorial by the Purl bee

How to Cross Stitch: Basic Stitching and the Waste Knot by Allison at little lovelies

Hints on Counted Cross Stitch by The CARON Collection

Cross Stitch Instructions by the Cross Stitch Centre

Beginner Cross Stitch Tutorial by Brooke at grace and light


Are your favorites not listed?  Leave a comment to share your favorite techniques.


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