HGTV HOME Fabric and a Market Tote

Did you know that HGTV HOME has some new home decorator fabrics?  The only place you can get them is at Jo-Ann Fabrics.  I just used some to make a tote bag.

HGTV HOME Fabric Market Tote

The Jo-Ann folks asked me to do a review, sending me some HGTV HOME fabric and trim.  I received a yard of Checkered Past upholstery fabric (a cotton/linen blend), a yard of Urban Blossom print fabric (100% cotton similar to canvas), and a yard of mulberry cording.


Now I needed a project for home dec fabric.  Helllllooooo, my Happy Home sewing book by Jennifer Paganelli!  I am so stinkin’ smart.  Plus, I get to use some wooden bag handles I’ve had FOREVER.  The pattern is Millie’s Market Tote, found on page 74.

HGTV HOME Fabric Supplies

The woven upholstery fabric is great: strong, yet soft.  And the colors are both warm and fresh: raspberry, orange, lime, coconut, and grape.

The printed fabric handles like canvas.  It’s easy to handle and the non-directional print made sewing easy.  A creamy natural color of thread seemed to disappear in both fabrics, which I like.

Also, Wonder Clips work great for keeping handles in place, FYI.

HGTV HOME Fabric Market Tote Clips

The mulberry cording is so pretty, I just had to work it into the project even though it wasn’t part of the pattern.  So I basted it to the binding strip before sewing the binding on.  I was a little nervous about it…

HGTV HOME Fabric Market Tote Binding

…but it turned out just fine.

HGTV HOME Fabric Market Tote Handles

The heavier weight of these home dec fabrics makes it a little difficult to sew the binding on completely by machine.  So I attached the binding to the exterior by machine, then turned to the inside and hand-stitched.  That’s okay, I enjoy a little hand-stitching every now and then.  It’s actually a nice excuse to get to appreciate your handmade item with your own two hands, rather than missing that sensory experience by using the machine exclusively.

Here’s a tiny Vine video of my hand-stitching.  Warning:  unmute this video only if you’re a Def Leppard fan 🙂

And, per my sewing journal entry on this project, here are some changes if I make this again:

  • Use Pellon 71F interfacing rather than 70.  Instead of using 71F per the pattern directions, I opted to use 70 since that’s what I already had.  I tried to attach it with spray adhesive, but it kept coming off of the fabric pieces.  Spray adhesive just didn’t have enough sticking power for this heavy interfacing.
  • Assemble the lining pieces using a slightly larger seam allowance so the interior fits more snugly.  The interior is fine, but I just wished it had a flatter and more snug fit in there.
  • Use a size 14 Universal machine needle for bag construction, then switch to a 16 Denim needle for attaching the binding.  I broke my Universal needle on the binding while going over the handle straps – oops.

HGTV HOME Fabric Market Tote Interior

I think this is where this bag is going to hang out in my home – to catch all the stuff I toss on the stair landing to go upstairs later.

HGTV HOME Fabric Market Tote Stair Landing

If you’d like to get some HGTV HOME fabric and trim of your own, don’t miss Jo-Ann’s 50% off sale 4/14/13 – 5/4/13.  Plus, Jo-Ann’s sent me a 10% off coupon to share with my readers.  Just use it by 5/4/13.  And yes, you can use it on top of the 50% sale!

HGTV HOME Fabric Coupon

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