A Handmade Eyeglass Case For Me

17 May

What a quick little project this eyeglass case is, and so fun to make.  I actually need a case for my sunglasses for a roadtrip tomorrow, so finding this is perfect.

I found the project on the very last page of the Summer 2012 issue of Quilts and More magazine.  It’s actually meant to be “stashbusting” project, to use up your fabric scraps.  But since I wanted this case to be blue, and I don’t have any blue scraps, I took my first cut into my couple-yard stash of Amy Butler’s Sky Wall Flower print from her Lotus Collection.   I was totally channeling Sheryl Crow when I started to snip at this gorgeous fabric – the first cut is the deepest…

Eyeglass Case Done

Instead of the rickrack bright scrappy style, I went for lacy, soothing, and elegant.  I actually hand-quilted for the first time – it wasn’t really that difficult.  The stitching isn’t really that even, but it doesn’t look that bad.  I probably should have used 100% cotton thread, or embroidery thread, but I just used plain ol’ regular all-purpose thread.  In a bright blue, double-stranded.  I outlined just a couple of the flower borders.

Eyeglass Case In Progress

Before quilting by hand, I gave free-hand machine quilting a shot.  FAIL.  I just couldn’t get the knack for it, and on THIS fabric – blasphemy.

Eyeglass Case Machine Quilting Fail

The instructions were pretty dang easy.  And since I didn’t do any patchwork, I got to skip the first several steps.  Oh, and I think one of the steps is mis-labeled.  It should say “right” instead of “wrong”.

Eyeglass Case Pattern Correction

And there you have it, my big-lensed sunglasses even fit in there!  I’m so happy with this little project, and see many more in my future.

Eyeglass Case With Glasses

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