Garden Harvest 2012

04 September

This is the second year we’ve brought our kids to my parent’s place to help harvest their vegetable garden.

A tradition has begun.

It just feels so amazing to pick the veggies off the vine yourself.  So satisfying to dig up your own potatoes.  When you cook food that you’ve grown or harvested yourself, you just enjoy it more.  And I love my kids learning about where food really comes from.

Here’s the view of Mom and Dad’s garden.  Dad is the one who does most the maintenance.  He loves it.  He gets all the plants from D&B Supply and Lowe’s.

Garden Harvest 2012

Mom and Dad’s place in Twin Falls is pretty unique.  Come on, where else have you seen an arch of wagon wheels?

Garden Harvest 2012 Wagon Wheel Arch

I think it’s pretty dang cool.  Mom thinks it’s too old fashioned, but I really appreciate it, especially since I don’t see much uniqueness in my suburbia home.

Garden Harvest 2012 Wagon Wheels

Old concrete fencing. Rustic geometry.

Garden Harvest 2012 Concrete Fence

My boy loved pulling these onions out of the ground.  We had to beg him to stop.

Garden Harvest 2012 CG Onions

Chloe’s favorite: the Roma tomatoes.  Sliced and with salt and pepper – she just chows them up.  Not sure of their exact variety, but they taste like they are infused with sugar.  So good.

Garden Harvest 2012 CA Tomato

I just love this man so much.  And seeing my husband in this hat just makes me smile.

Garden Harvest 2012 My Man

Mom and Chloe digging through the cucumbers.

Garden Harvest 2012 Gma and Chloe

Dad teaching my boy how to harvest spuds.  My favorite part.  I am an Idaho girl, after all.

Garden Harvest 2012 CG Spuds

Chandler would dig them up, and Chloe would jump right in to grab them.

Garden Harvest 2012 CA Spuds

Here’s our veggie bounty loot we got to take home with us.  Thanks, Mom and Dad!

Garden Harvest 2012 Bounty

2 Responses to “Garden Harvest 2012”

  1. Edward Ruffing 09/06/2012 at 12:20 am #

    Looks like a great place for a ‘Bed and Breakfast’. Wake up to some freshly cooked home grown vegies, how nice it would be…

    • Angela 09/06/2012 at 9:27 am #

      Yes, a perfect “Bed and Breakfast”!

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