Fall 2012 in Meridian

26 November

Enjoy some of my favorite shots from around Meridian Idaho, Fall 2012.  All taken with my iPhone 4S, with an Instagram twist.  Find me on Instagram at @angelabdesign.

Our open skies out west are highly coveted, people!  Let’s take some time to truly enjoy them 🙂

Fall 2012 Red Leaves Clouds

Idaho’s mix of fall trees, clear blue open skies, puffy white clouds, and sun ray streaks…. what a sight to behold.

Fall 2012 Red Leaves Sun

So let’s transition to motorcycles now.  It’s starting early for our daughter.  Motorcycle visitors.  Lots of little boys in our neighborhood.

Fall 2012 Motorcycles

I love the tree-transition time.  This thing looks a little confused.

Fall 2012 Tree Confused

These are my neighbor’s purple mums.  So perfect and pretty.

Fall 2012 Purple Mum

This is our tree – an Emerald Queen Maple, I think.  Love the yellow!

Fall 2012 Yellow Leaves

A closeup shot of the bark of our river birch tree.  See the hornet in there?

Fall 2012 Bark

Another beautiful tree in our neighborhood.

Fall 2012 Tree Yellow Blue

A shot of the Boise foothills from Ten Mile Road.

Fall 2012 Big Sky

I adore sun rays through big puffy clouds in a bright blue sky.

Fall 2012 Clouds


Fall 2012 Sky Clouds

Can you tell I like clouds?

Fall 2012 Storm Coming

And the last one… taken while I was driving down Ten Mile Road.  I like that I caught the lavender and ornamental grass that Franz Witte planted.  I remember watching their landscapers plant them as I drove by…they did such a great job.

Fall 2012 Road Clouds

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