Circles Squared – a Sewing Project

12 November

Stitch circles into squares with “Circles Squared”, a free PDF tutorial.

Circles Squared, a free PDF sewing tutorial by Angela Bowman of

I basically wrote this tutorial because I have a ton of flannel that I’d like to use.  I also love the look of cathedral windows quilt blocks, but hate the complexity.  This simple tutorial solves these problems.

There are similar tutorials out there that use both circles and smaller squares, but I found that using only circles makes the finished piece a little heavier, which I like: a table runner lies a little flatter and a quilt is a little heavier.

I love this “Circles Squared” pattern because it is easy to make and it is SO versatile – it’s reversible, you can make it any size, use multiple fabrics, and experiment with the colors of the background and foreground to change the look entirely.  It’s also a perfect excuse to play with some decorative stitches.  The decorative stitching looks awesome, hides imperfect sewing lines, and reinforces the seam intersections quite well.  I love its flannel application – there are tons of available flannel colors that are reasonably priced, frayed raw edges are a-okay, and it sticks to itself so that pins are not always required during assembly.

Circles Squared, a free PDF sewing tutorial by Angela Bowman of

Here are some tutorial tips:

  • You need a lot of thread for this project, due to all the decorative stitching.  Get a few spools and pre-wind lots of bobbins.
  • Try using an embroidery sewing machine needle – I used a size 14 Embroidery needle for stitching up the flannel table runner in the PDF tutorial.
  • Make sure your sewing machine tension is set properly so your decorative stitches look good on both sides.
  • As you start and stop decorative stitching, clip threads promptly so you don’t sew over them.
  • You will run out of bobbin thread as you’re decorative stitching.  Try to time bobbin changes at seam intersections, to keep stitch continuity.
  • Flannel makes lots of lint and dulls needles pretty fast.  Clean your machine and change needles often.

So get the free Circles Squared PDF  and have fun sewing!

The PDF is a 9-page document with photos and simple instructions.  Hope you enjoy it!

If you make one, link up your project online – I’d love to see what you make!

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