Notice the new CentUp button on my posts?  CentUp encourages us all to donate to creators and charities with the click of a button.


Here’s a short fun video to explain:

I first heard of CentUp through Len Kendall, one of their founders.  When I saw the CentUp Indiegogo campaign, I couldn’t help but chip in.

I love how this concept brings together internet lovers, creators, and charities.

Internet lovers get to support their favorite bloggers in a new way by using the CentUp button as a reward for a stellar blog post.

Content creators get a way to earn money from their efforts in a way that is socially-good, non-intrusive, non-spammy, and non-forced.  This is HUGE for bloggers who don’t want a bunch of ads on their site!

And charities are at the heart of this new business model – they are the worthy recipients of donations that are the result of great content and goodwill.

Like a post on my blog?  Just click the CentUp button to donate a few cents that are split evenly between me and a charity.  My current charity of choice is Pencils of Promise.  The first time you click the CentUp button, you’ll be taken through the easy setup process.  After that, you’re free to reward your favorite content with a few cents.

So what content of mine would you want to CentUp?  Well, odds are that you are visiting me to be inspired to make something with your own two hands, or to learn about biz/tech/productivity tools to give you more free time to be creative.  Take a stroll through my blog, or take a peek at some of my best posts: Platform Planner, Review of Business Model GenerationSewing Project Roundups, any of my Sewing posts, PDF projectsHow to Make a Day Planner from a Composition Book, and my favorite Instagram shots around Idaho.

If you see something you like, consider giving it a CentUp 🙂

And thanks, CentUp, for such a feel-good and innovative option for bloggers!

By Angela

I'm passionate about creativity, productivity, and business. I'm a planner at heart, a small town girl, a wife and mom of two. I LOVE to make things with my own two hands.

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