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Fall 2012 in Meridian

Enjoy some of my favorite shots from around Meridian Idaho, Fall 2012.  All taken with my iPhone 4S, with an Instagram twist.  Find me on Instagram at @angelabdesign.

Our open skies out west are highly coveted, people!  Let’s take some time to truly enjoy them 🙂

Fall 2012 Red Leaves Clouds

Idaho’s mix of fall trees, clear blue open skies, puffy white clouds, and sun ray streaks…. what a sight to behold.

Fall 2012 Red Leaves Sun

So let’s transition to motorcycles now.  It’s starting early for our daughter.  Motorcycle visitors.  Lots of little boys in our neighborhood.

Fall 2012 Motorcycles

I love the tree-transition time.  This thing looks a little confused.

Fall 2012 Tree Confused

These are my neighbor’s purple mums.  So perfect and pretty.

Fall 2012 Purple Mum

This is our tree – an Emerald Queen Maple, I think.  Love the yellow!

Fall 2012 Yellow Leaves

A closeup shot of the bark of our river birch tree.  See the hornet in there?

Fall 2012 Bark

Another beautiful tree in our neighborhood.

Fall 2012 Tree Yellow Blue

A shot of the Boise foothills from Ten Mile Road.

Fall 2012 Big Sky

I adore sun rays through big puffy clouds in a bright blue sky.

Fall 2012 Clouds


Fall 2012 Sky Clouds

Can you tell I like clouds?

Fall 2012 Storm Coming

And the last one… taken while I was driving down Ten Mile Road.  I like that I caught the lavender and ornamental grass that Franz Witte planted.  I remember watching their landscapers plant them as I drove by…they did such a great job.

Fall 2012 Road Clouds

Home and Garden

Garden Harvest 2012

This is the second year we’ve brought our kids to my parent’s place to help harvest their vegetable garden.

A tradition has begun.

It just feels so amazing to pick the veggies off the vine yourself.  So satisfying to dig up your own potatoes.  When you cook food that you’ve grown or harvested yourself, you just enjoy it more.  And I love my kids learning about where food really comes from.

Here’s the view of Mom and Dad’s garden.  Dad is the one who does most the maintenance.  He loves it.  He gets all the plants from D&B Supply and Lowe’s.

Garden Harvest 2012

Mom and Dad’s place in Twin Falls is pretty unique.  Come on, where else have you seen an arch of wagon wheels?

Garden Harvest 2012 Wagon Wheel Arch

I think it’s pretty dang cool.  Mom thinks it’s too old fashioned, but I really appreciate it, especially since I don’t see much uniqueness in my suburbia home.

Garden Harvest 2012 Wagon Wheels

Old concrete fencing. Rustic geometry.

Garden Harvest 2012 Concrete Fence

My boy loved pulling these onions out of the ground.  We had to beg him to stop.

Garden Harvest 2012 CG Onions

Chloe’s favorite: the Roma tomatoes.  Sliced and with salt and pepper – she just chows them up.  Not sure of their exact variety, but they taste like they are infused with sugar.  So good.

Garden Harvest 2012 CA Tomato

I just love this man so much.  And seeing my husband in this hat just makes me smile.

Garden Harvest 2012 My Man

Mom and Chloe digging through the cucumbers.

Garden Harvest 2012 Gma and Chloe

Dad teaching my boy how to harvest spuds.  My favorite part.  I am an Idaho girl, after all.

Garden Harvest 2012 CG Spuds

Chandler would dig them up, and Chloe would jump right in to grab them.

Garden Harvest 2012 CA Spuds

Here’s our veggie bounty loot we got to take home with us.  Thanks, Mom and Dad!

Garden Harvest 2012 Bounty

Home and Garden

Summer 2012 in Meridian

Enjoy some of my favorite shots from around Meridian Idaho, Summer 2012.  All taken with my iPhone 4S, with an Instagram twist.  Find me on Instagram at @angelabdesign.

Bees just love my salvias.  Can’t believe this guy didn’t give me sting – I was super close.

Summer 2012 Bee on Salvia

Summer cupcakes made by my sweet neighbor Kelli.  Every year she throws a Welcome Summer party for all the kids in the ‘hood.

Summer 2012 Cupcakes

Soldiers at the Independence Day parade in Boise.  Moving.

Summer 2012 Independence Day Soldier

My boy in his fedora with a thrifted cane and suit jacket.  And British accent.  I am relishing the last bit of his creative play, before teenager-itis claims him.

Summer 2012 Fedora and Cane

Downtown Meridian Idaho. Charming.

Summer 2012 Downtown Meridian

Groundcover in my front yard.  Wish I knew what it was… So cool looking and maintenance-free.

Summer 2012 Groundcover

Harvest dust on a field off Ten Mile Road in Meridian.

Summer 2012 Harvest Sky

Daylilies in my backyard.  I LOVE the shades of peach with the bright center.  These daylilies bloomed for most of the summer.

Summer 2012 Peach Daylily

Preserving her modesty.  This is our cat Jasmine, the most affectionate and lovey animal we have ever had.

Summer 2012 Immodest Cat

My son graduated from the Hunter’s Ed program this summer.  Can’t wait for him to go hunting with my Dad.  Memories to make!

Summer 2012 Hunter Ed

White hardy hydrangeas and maroon daylilies.  These hydrangeas are in the full sun, folks!

Summer 2012 Hardy Hydrangea

This is a Blaze climbing rose in our front yard.  One of my favorites.  It just goes crazy in the full sun.

Summer 2012 Blaze Rose

You pretty Blaze, you.

Summer 2012 Blaze Rose Blooms

Summer wouldn’t be summer without a fresh peach daquiri.

Summer 2012 Peach Daiquiri

Sunrise on the first day of school.  Alleluia!

Summer 2012 Sunrise

Remember my favorite white-blooming viburnum from Spring 2012 in Meridian?  Well, those white blooms turn into sweet little red berry thingies.  I wonder if the birds like these things…seems like they would.

Summer 2012 Viburnum

Most of our summer was a smokey one, with all the wildfires around Idaho.  This is a view of a windfarm with a smoke blanket backdrop, seen from the freeway on the drive from Meridian to my folks in Twin Falls.

Summer 2012 Smokey Windfarm

Hydrangea blooms turning from white to pink at summer’s end.  Beautiful.

Summer 2012 Hydrangea Color

Anyone home?  This praying mantis gave us girls quite the scare one morning.  Creeper wouldn’t move away from this garage door, either.  Jasmine kitty played with her for awhile, then we put her on the hydrangea out back.

Summer 2012 Praying Mantis

I got a firepit from my husband and parents for my birthday.  A super easy kit from Lowe’s.  Love it.  Cheers!

Summer 2012 Firepit

Home and Garden

Spring 2012 in Meridian

Enjoy some of my favorite shots from around Meridian Idaho, Spring 2012.  All taken with my iPhone 4S, with an Instagram twist.  Find me on Instagram @angelabdesign.

View off of Ten Mile Road.

Spring 2012 Blue Sky Green Field

Red rose in my backyard, the first of the season, as the snowball bush petals fall.

Spring 2012 Red Rose

Clematis gone crazy with blooms, in my backyard.

Spring 2012 Clematis

Hard to believe these purple and green leaves will turn completely yellow in the next couple weeks.

Spring 2012 Green Purple

My neighbor’s snowball bush.  It hangs over my side of the fence, but I don’t mind at all 🙂

Spring 2012 Snowballs

Beautiful blue sky littered with clouds while shopping at Kohl’s.

Spring 2012 Cloud Litter

My favorite flower, the tulip.  I only have a fleeting few in my backyard.  I LOVE this shade of purple.

Spring 2012 Purple Tulips

Underwater Idaho sky, my backyard view.

Spring 2012 Underwater Sky

Hosta, no filter, in my backyard.  They love the morning sun and afternoon shade.

Spring 2012 Hosta

The neighbor boys chasing my girl in the ‘hood.

Spring 2012 Trikes

Delicate anemone blooms.  I got this perennial from D&B Supply, and it’s one of my little faves.

Spring 2012 Anenome

Cloudburst shot, taken in my neighborhood.

Spring 2012 Cloudburst

Bleeding hearts in my backyard.  An old-fashioned favorite.

Spring 2012 Bleeding Hearts

Neighbor boy’s bunny on the loose.  Fast little bugger.

Spring 2012 Bunny

Quince bush with bright red orange blooms.  I have three of these in my front yard.

Spring 2012 Orange Blossom

One of my backyard favorites – viburnum.  You sweet little white blooms, you.  I wish I had planted six or seven of these instead of just one.  Look at all those different shades of green with that bright white – just lovely.

Spring 2012 Green White

I don’t know what these hardy little cabbage-like things are, but they’re cool looking.  They creep all over in my front yard beds.

Spring 2012 Stringy Cabbage

This old-fashioned country yellow rambling rose cascades in my backyard. I got it on clearance at Fred Meyer for $3.  Oh yeah.

Spring 2012 Yellow Rose

Jacob’s Ladder, a perennial from D&B Supply.  I cut it to the ground in the Fall and it comes back like this.  Amazing.

Spring 2012 Jacobs Ladder