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Hoop Ghosts #spookyspaces

Super simple Hoop Ghosts made with cotton fabric, a sharpie, and embroidery hoops.  Boo-yah!

Hoop Ghosts by Angela Bowman of #spookyspaces

I’m partnering up with Jo-Ann Fabric and Craft Stores to make a Halloween project with a #spookyspaces theme.  I made a ghost for each member of my family.


  • Embroidery hoops
  • White cotton fabric squares (3 times the diameter of the embroidery hoop)
  • Cotton fabric strips, about an inch wide
  • Black Sharpie marker
  • Printed ghost eyes and “Boo-yah” in your favorite spooky font (here’s what I used in a 2-page PDF)

Hoop Ghosts by Angela Bowman of #spookyspaces

To make the ghosts:

1. Place the embroidery hoop in the corner of the fabric square and layer over the ghost eyes of your choice.  This hoop is 4″, so the white fabric square is 12″ (4 x 3).

Hoop Ghosts by Angela Bowman of #spookyspaces

2.  Trace the ghost eyes onto the fabric with a Sharpie.

Hoop Ghosts by Angela Bowman of #spookyspaces

3.  Separate the embroidery hoop and wrap the outer hoop with white cotton fabric strips.

Hoop Ghosts by Angela Bowman of #spookyspaces

4.  Place the inner hoop under the fabric square and the outer hoop on top, with the ghost eyes vertically aligned with the screw top.  Press the outer hoop down, pull the fabric taut, and screw tightly in place.

Hoop Ghosts by Angela Bowman of #spookyspaces

5.  Trip excess fabric from the back top.

Hoop Ghosts by Angela Bowman of #spookyspaces

Boo!  This ghost is for my son, who has an affinity for science fiction and aliens 🙂

Hoop Ghosts by Angela Bowman of #spookyspaces

Follow the same steps to make the Boo-yah sign, except use black cotton fabric strips to frame the hoop.

Hoop Ghosts by Angela Bowman of #spookyspaces

Check out the short video of the sign being made!

Here’s a coupon that the fine Jo-Ann folks gave me to share with you.  Have fun with your own #spookyspaces crafting!

Jo-Ann Halloween Coupon

DIY Crafts

Back to School Mudroom Makeover

Back to School Mudroom Redo

D&B Supply challenged me to a make a project.  Me being an Idaho girl who likes to make stuff, and D&B Supply being a company founded in Caldwell Idaho by a couple of dudes named Dutch & Bud….who am I to say no?

The project theme is Back to School.  And since my mudroom is the spot where all my kids’ school stuff gets dumped, a mudroom makeover is in order.

Head on over to the D&B blog to read my Back to School Mudroom Makeover post.

Two things I learned:

1. A girl can install hook hardware herself, thankyouverymuch.

2. Layering mailbox letter stickers on top of washi tape on top of Color Duck Tape is addicting.



Disclosure: D&B Supply provided me with a gift card for supplies. 


DIY Crafts

How To Make a Design Wall

I just made a design wall for my sewing space, and I love it!

Design Wall

A design wall is a new concept to me.  After seeing these over and over in the online sewing/quilting world, I decided I had to make my own.  They are super helpful for laying out fabric while designing or assembling sewing projects.  It’s basically made with flannel.  Cotton fabric sticks to flannel – who knew?!

I’ve seen some pretty large design walls, which would be nice, but my space won’t really accommodate a huge one.  Since it’s in my sewing room/dining room, I want it to be removable. You know, in case I ever decide to actually use this room as a formal dining room (ha!).  I also wanted to be able to add or remove panels at will, so I decided to use foam core boards.  They seem perfect for size and flexibility.

Here’s how to make a design wall:

1. Get some white flannel.  I scored some at my neighbor’s yard sale.  Seriously, how perfect was it to find 3 bundles of white flannel next door for $1?

Design Wall Flannel

2. Get some foam core board, which is available at tons of stores.  I got three sheets at Hobby Lobby.  Each panel measures 40-in by 32-in.

Design Wall Materials

3. Get some hanging hardware.  I went with Command Damage-Free picture clips, since I wanted the removable option.  Get two packages of these clips.

Design Wall Items

4. Cut your flannel into large pieces, wrap around the foam core board, then tape to the back.  I used blue painters tape.  I wondered if it would hold up well, and after being installed for a month or so, it’s held up nicely.

Design Wall Taping

Design Wall Taped

5. Make as many panels as you wish, and attach to the wall with the picture clips, following the package directions.  I used four of the Command picture clips for each panel: two on top and two on bottom.  The foam core board slides into the clips perfectly, with a snug and secure fit.  The clips hold the foam core board on the wall nicely, since the panels are so light.

Design Wall Works

Design wall panels are up!  I threw a couple of my fabric scraps on it, and yes, it works!