Angela’s Apprisals – Sewing, No. 4

25 April

Angelas Apprisals Sewing

Angela’s Apprisals: my take on keeping you apprised of cool stuff in the world of SEWING.

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  • As always, the sale section at the Fat Quarter Shop has some pretty nice finds.  Here are my favorites.


Craftsy is publishing some uber-helpful videos lately!  Are you subscribed to their YouTube channel?  Here are two of my recent favorites:

Discover the Frog Tape Trick for Making Half-Square Triangles with Camille Roskelley

Learn the Card Trick for Paper Piecing with Carol Doak

  • Also via Craftsy, here’s a great explanation of batik fabrics:  The Ancient Art of Batik.  I’ve always thought that batiks are so beautiful, and this post shares a little on how they’re made.  Wax resist!  Just like marking up a hard-boiled egg with a wax crayon before dyeing to make an Easter egg…batiks are made using the same concept.  I really like how the author, Angela Mitchell, explains batik-making in a clear way.
  • This post on the Dritz blog really makes me want to get a Tailor’s board, pronto.  Pressing small and curved seams can be such a pain, and this looks to be just the ticket to make it a cinch.  How to Use a Tailor’s Board
  • Did you know that pincushions should be filled with ground walnut shells?  Me neither.  But now that I do, I know that you can get walnut shells in pet stores in the reptile bedding aisle, thanks to this post by Pretty By Hand.  Weird!
  • Do you like to search for vintage sewing stuff at thrift stores as much as I do?  I seriously love it!  It’s the best place to get vintage patterns and embroidery hoops.  Here’s a great post to give you some helpful tips while sewing thrifting: How to shop for sewing supplies at thrift stores and rummage sales
  • After reading this post on the Stitch Craft Create blog, I would love to try playing with fabric spray paint: No-Sew Embellishing with Fabric Spray Paint


  • Registration for Sewing Summit 2013 is open!  I think there may be some tickets left, so if you’re interested in learning a ton and meeting lots of sewing peeps, do not miss out.  It’s in Salt Lake City, UT on September 19 – 21, 2013.
  • The Laurel Sewing Contest by Colette Patterns is underway, from 3/20/13 – 4/30/13.  I purchased the pattern, I just need to try to make some time to actually make it.  Not sure if I’ll make the contest deadline or not!  The prizes are pretty phenomenal, FYI.  Lots of great sewing suppliers are involved in this contest.
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