Angela’s Apprisals – Business, No. 5

Angelas Apprisals Business

Angela’s Apprisals: keeping you apprised of helpful posts for your creative business.


First up, WordPress.  Protect your WordPress blog from hackers – make sure your username is not “admin”.  Earlier this year hackers targeted WordPress blogs, trying to gain server access for blogs with the username “admin”.  Read this post by the folks at Social Media Examiner: 5 Steps to Ensure Your WordPress Blog Is Secure.  They tell you exactly how to change your username, along with 4 other helpful tips including an easy way to back up your WordPress blog database.

If you want to display social media buttons on your blog, here’s a great guide from HubSpot:  The Ultimate Cheat Sheet for Creating Social Media Buttons.  After reading this article, I added a Google+ profile widget to my blog’s sidebar.  The article also includes Twitter/Facebook/LinkedIn/Pinterest social media buttons, so take a peek to learn more.


Are you enjoying Instagram as much as I am?  I seriously love it, and now that I can post video, I’m addicted as ever.  I’ve been wanting to make more video to share how I make things, so this is golden for me!  Here are some helpful articles to learn more about using IG.

What’s an Instagram web embed?  It’s just an IG pic or video posted to a website.  To embed the video below: from my computer I went to my IG profile, selected the pic/video, clicked the share button to the right of the photo (the icon with the square and arrow), clicked Copy Embed Code, pasted it into my blog post, then changed the width/height from 612/710 to 500/580 to better fit my blog layout.


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