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I’m writing this post because I was asked to write about success.  ME.  Write about success.  I don’t know, it just seemed a little strange at first, since I’m not super-wealthy or uber-famous.  But then I thought: I won’t pretend that I am a complete success, but I could certainly define what success means to me.

What is success?

In the most basic sense, success is achieving a goal.  Graduate from law school.  Learn to skydive.  Appear on the cover of a magazine.

But for TRUE success, these goals need to be something you really want to accomplish, not what someone else wants of you.

Do you want to graduate from law school because you love the law and the opportunities it would present to you, or just because your parents want you to?

Do you want to learn how to skydive because you truly enjoy the rush, or do you just want to look cool?

Do you want to be on a magazine cover to feel the pride and accomplishment of a job well-done after years of hard work, or is it because you want bragging rights or to one-up your competition?

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Success comes from achieving goals that feel good in your heart, not from what looks good in the eyes of others.

Isn’t it funny that when we think of success, we immediately think of being rich or famous?  But you know what, success is so much more than just status symbols.  It’s creative freedom.  Fulfilling relationships.  Health.  Peace of mind.  Travel.  Overcoming hardship.  Helping Others.  Being happy.

Don’t get me wrong, there’s nothing wrong with financial success.  I have my own financial goals, as well as travel aspirations.  Just take the time to recognize the other types of success, too.  Here are some of mine:

  • Gaining creative freedom and quitting my corporate job.  For the first time, I am not working for someone else.  My new focus is to do what I love – making things with my own two hands, while enjoying the crossroads of  business and technology.
  • Overcoming medical hardship.  For 20 years I lived through a debilitating disease, endometriosis.  I’m cured now, and am still appreciating each and every day as a healthy person.
  • Enjoying my husband and two wonderful kids – the most fulfilling of relationships.

How to succeed…

Realize that overnight success is a myth.  “Overnight Success” stories usually involve folks who have worked dang hard for years and years.  Take your time and grow in a measured way.

Discover how you can help people: apply your top strengths to what you love to do and to what people want. Check out my post and free printable worksheet: How Can I Help People?

Learn from your failures.  It can be really tough to realize that failures are valuable opportunities to learn.  But they are.  You know how “failed” relationships are just so dang tough to get through, right?  But they really are an opportunity to learn about yourself.

Be persistent.  Don’t give up!

Work hard.  Enough said.

After success….

Celebrate!  Not taking the time to recognize accomplishments is such a shame.  Missing this opportunity hurts morale and motivation.  It doesn’t have to be a party – a clink of the glass and a simple “well done” will suffice.

Success can lead to failure by losing touch with your customers. When you succeed, you can easily become less objective, thinking that you can replace your own judgment for what customers want.  We see this all the time with big brands and celebrities.  Don’t be tainted by the ego that success may bring.  Never stop putting yourself into the shoes of your customer.

Be happy for others when they succeed.  Don’t be jealous.  Realize that their success came from talent and hard work, and that your time will come 🙂

How about you?

What successes have you experienced or are striving for?


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