A Laptop Case For Me

Wooh!  I just made my own laptop case and I LOVE it.

Laptop Case Finished

I’ve been wanting a laptop case for a long time, ever since I got my MacBook Air.  I looked around at quite a few laptop cases, but none really spoke to me, and they all were over-priced in my opinion.  So of course I decided to make my own.  I looked around online, finding quite a few free tutorials, as well as finding some projects in books and magazines I already had.  I shared my favorites in a curated blog post: How To Make a Laptop Case – a Sewing Project Roundup.

In the end, the winning project for me was: Laptop Case by Tone Finnanger – p27 in her book Tilda’s Studio: Over 50 fresh projects for you, your home and loved ones.  I loved the shape, the envelope style, and that it only had one pattern piece.

For the exterior cotton fabric, I used Ava Rose in Blue, designed by Tanya Whelan for FreeSpirit Fabrics.  For the cotton lining, I used a black/gray damask I got from Hobby Lobby.  I fused some medium-weight interfacing to the lining fabric, layered sew-in heavy-weight interfacing under the exterior fabric, and sandwiched a piece of cotton batting between.

Laptop Case Pieces

The pattern was pretty easy to follow, but I strayed from it quite a bit.  The pattern doesn’t call for any batting or quilting at all.  I definitely wanted to add some batting for protection.  Which meant quilting was in order.

I am definitely NOT a machine quilting expert.  But I CAN sew in a straight line.  So I latched in the walking foot on my sewing machine, lengthened the stitch a little, and used the lining fabric’s lines as a quilting guide.  Not bad.  I used quite a few safety pins to keep things from shifting, and it worked quite well.  I was worried about the fabric bunching at the intersecting corners, but they didn’t because I went slow and steady.  SLOW AND STEADY, girls.  I ended up using the walking foot for the whole project, since the layers were pretty bulky.

Laptop Case Quilting Pins

The project instructions said to finish the edges by making a close zig zag stitch all the way around the case. Ummm, I don’t think so.  I tested my zig-zagging skills on some scrap fabric, and NO CAN DO. My stitches were just too irregular and messy to settle for this technique.  So I pulled out my stash of bias tape.  I inherited a TON of this stuff my from grandma.  I wasn’t sure which color to go with – I had either a packaged black or some pink bias strips, but I was safe and went with black.

By the way, it feels so good to use my grandma’s materials in my projects – her memory lives on in my creations 🙂  And hellloooo, $0.15 for a package of all-cotton bias tape?!

Laptop Case Bias Tape

Ok, bias tape is on, velcro strips are attached (another tweak from the pattern), all done and lookin’ good.  But will it fit????

Laptop Case MacBook Air

Oh yeah!

Laptop Case Fits


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