A Forgiving Flowy Blouse For Me

I hardly ever sew clothing for myself.  So it was about time I made a blouse.

Forgiving Flowy Blouse Fits

I used Simplicity pattern 2594.  I like its forgiving flowy-ness.  The length is perfect, too – it hides just the right amount of my bum (just a tiny silhouette in the back, thankyouverymuch).   An added plus is that there are no buttons or zippers anywhere.  Easy.

I used a light silky-ish cotton fabric that I got from Joann Fabrics.  I’m very glad I didn’t use a heavier cotton – this blouse needs something that drapes well.

Forgiving Flowy Blouse Pieces

This blouse took me just a couple hours to make.  With just 4 pieces of fabric to cut, it went fast.  The only time I strayed from the pattern was at the armhole edge step.  Rather than stitching a narrow hem at the armhole edges only, I pressed the entire side seam allowances under and stitched those as well, finishing the raw edges nicely.  After that, no raw edges anywhere on this blouse.

All in all, the pattern rocks.  Nice pretty blouse and easy pattern instructions.

Forgiving Flowy Blouse Sewing

By Angela

I'm passionate about creativity, productivity, and business. I'm a planner at heart, a small town girl, a wife and mom of two. I LOVE to make things with my own two hands.

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Cute blouse! I’m just getting into making shirts and bought that same pattern at JoAnn’s when they had that sale a few weeks back of 5 for $5. After seeing this page, and your shirt, I’m even more excited to try to make my own. 🙂

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