A Checkbook Cover For Me

02 October

Time to cover up my old blue vinyl checkbook cover.  In the spirit of Travel Handmade, a new patchwork checkbook cover is in order.

I used the Checkbook Covers – 3 Varieties tutorial by crazy mom quilts, found in my sewing project roundup How to Make a Checkbook Cover.  My roundup post shows 10 different ways how to make a checkbook cover, but this one stood out to me.  I like how she gives different options, starting with the most basic option.  It’s just a couple of 7-in x 13-in rectangles sewn together, after all.

Checkbook Cover Outside

I really wanted to incorporate linen into it, and had a few scraps leftover from my upcycled Messenger Bag.  So I cut up some 2-in strips, stitched to some other scraps, cut them up into squares, and pieced together the size I needed.

Checkbook Cover Pieces

I was just about to do some simple straight topstitching over the patchwork, but then remembered the book I have: Free-Motion Quilting with Angela Walters.  Um hello, this small project would be a good first step into the scary world of free-motion quilting.  I’m not an artist or a doodler, so this is really new and scary to me.

I’ve already read her book, but I scanned through the pages again to see which stitches even I could tackle.  The geometric squares stood out to me, and so I doodled a little of it on my Fisher Price Magna Doodle (yes, I’m a 40-year old woman with a Magna Doodle).  I guess it went smooth enough, so I moved to the fabric.  The fabric is just scraps, so I didn’t really have a mental barrier to giving it a shot.

Checkbook Cover Quilting

Hmm, less than desirable, but not terrible.  Don’t judge me.  Like Angela W. says, practice!  I need alot more.

Checkbook Cover Quilting Closeup

The very last step in the tutorial is to fold in the two sides and stitch.  Easy.

Checkbook Cover Almost Done

And cute!

Checkbook Cover Inside

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